Live Roulette NetEnt

Beyond Live from NetEnt is a platform that allows you to switch between several live online casino games, and even between different live roulette tables. The advantage of Beyond Live is the ease and speed of switching between game screens. The quality of the graphics and the “multi-camera” system increase the realism of the game. The platform is accessed from any device, be it PC, tablet or mobile phone. The most attractive thing is that Beyond Live from NetEnt allows you to change the screen without having to interrupt the game process. You can make extensive adjustments and activate the game in landscape or portrait mode.

How to Play Beyond Live Roulette from NetEnt

To begin, you must register on the website of a legal online casino provider of Beyond Live Roulette at NetEnt. By making the deposit into the account you can access live roulette at Live Beyond. On the screen you can see four game tables: two live roulette tables and two live roulette tables. Any user can switch between them with total ease.The screen focuses on the selected game being played by a live dealer, but apart from that you can see other roulette tables and blackjack and very realistically.

Live Roulette NetEnt is a traditional European variant that has 36 numbers plus 0. Bets can be on red or black, odd or even, square bets, street or single numbers. The last one is the most valuable but at the same time it is the most difficult to win. On the screen you can see the “cold” and “hot” numbers, as well as the history of winning numbers in previous games.

The Live Beyond platform offers a set of live games at its most realistic with various settings options. Among them the bet, the sound and the information about other players.