Live Jackpot Roulette Medialive

Jackpot Live Roulette is a unique live roulette game that offers three jackpots with the possibility of accumulating the winnings. The jackpot levels are bronze, silver and Gold. The progressive jackpot is distributed among all participants depending on the bets and winnings of each of them. Jackpot is played when at least three numbers on the roulette wheel are repeated. But aside from the great jackpot possibilities that Live Jackpot Roulette offers, the game stands out for its animation and realistic effect.

How to Play Live Jackpot Roulette

The Jackpot Roulette Live game is not offered in a free demo version, so you must register with one of the affiliated online casinos that offer live games from Medialive Casino. When you are registered, fund the account and start playing.

The Live Jackpot Roulette screen is very realistic and offers various information windows. At the top you have the jackpot section and the value of each of them. Also, right here is the game settings bar, game information, screen settings and the statistics section. The Jackpot Roulette game is compatible with whatever device you use, so you can play wherever you are. Live jackpot roulette has no player limits and offers the list of its users online with the possibility of seeing each one’s bet. In case of any doubt or simply to entertain yourself, you can participate in the game’s live chat.

To bet you must know the rules of European roulette as the rules of Jackpot Live Roulette are similar. Choose the chips with a value of € 4 to € 40 and place them on the virtual table. To facilitate some bets you have at your disposal the sectors of neighboring numbers in the racetrack.