Live Fast Roulette NetEnt

NetEnt Rocket Roulette is a live dealer fast roulette game. Each play lasts only 30-40 seconds and bets are accepted for 10 seconds. You don’t have to leave home to enjoy your favorite game! This version offers the “multi-camera” effect with 3D effect and high quality sound and graphics. The bets are from 0.50 to a maximum of 100 credits. You can activate the game from any mobile device.

How to play Rocket Roulette

Before starting the game you have to find a licensed online casino that offers live Rocket roulette from NetEnt. Next, you must fill out the form to register. Please note that Rocket Roulette is available for real money only, therefore you must fund your online casino account. Once the registration process is complete and the funds have been deposited, you can access the fast roulette game.

On the screen you can see the roulette table and the dealer. The game offers various settings and information options. In the upper left corner you can see the balance of the game and the prizes. In addition, the Live Chat is right there so you can communicate with other players and with the dealer. On the right side you can see the last winning numbers with information on infrequent “cold” numbers (Cold) and those that come out often or “hot” (Hot).

To place the bet, select the chips of corresponding value and place them on the mat. Bets are accepted only when the green phrase “Place your Bets” appears on the screen and the dealer announces the start of the round. After 10 seconds the inscription “No More Bets” appears in red and the dealer announces the closing of bets. The rules of the game and the bets correspond to European roulette. In Rocket Roulette you can choose to bet on red and black, odd and even, high and low numbers, line, square, three of a kind, duo and an individual number. The latter has a payout ratio of 35 to 1. What’s more, you can place neighboring bets by taking advantage of the Racetrack option. Next to it is the camera icon that allows you to change the viewing angle of the game. The roulette settings allow you to repeat the bet, cancel it or double it. In addition, you can access the menu of favorite bets and game information.