Live European Roulette

Live European Roulette is a classic live European roulette game broadcast from various Playtech studios in Europe and Asia with live local dealers. Roulette with a zero offers traditional bets on a number or groups of numbers and sectors, players can chat with dealers and other players online. The high definition video and the Live Casino environment enhance the effect of the presence and excitement of real gaming.

How to play live European roulette

To play live European roulette you do not have to go to a casino, you can access the game from legal online casinos in your country. Of course, you have to complete a registration in one of the online casinos associated with Playtech and legal in your country whose list is available on with detailed reviews.

The game screen presents a classic Live Casino view with multiple tables and live dealers, the roulette image is enlarged with the dealer in the foreground and the betting table active. You can open the Live Chat window, the statistics of numbers obtained in the previous games, save and repeat your bets and configure other settings to your liking.

To place a bet you must have sufficient balance in your casino account, choose a chip from 7 options and place it with a click on the corresponding sector of the main table with traditional bets and / or additional table with neighboring bets.

Playtech has several Live European Roulette live roulette tables with different betting limits to satisfy the demand of both high rollers and those who prefer medium and low bets. The English-speaking live dealers, the intuitive interface, high-quality live streaming and multiple game options guarantee maximum fun.