Live Classic Roulette Extreme

Extreme Gaming offers several live game options, one of which is Classic Roulette. It is a classic variant of the live European roulette game that offers 36 numbers and 0. The same game is broadcast from the London studio and offers the multi-camera effect. That is, you can change the viewing angle of the game screen. It is not available in demo version which implies to find an online casino with a license of Extreme and make a deposit to be able to play.

How to Play Live Classic Roulette

By accessing the live classic roulette of Extreme from one of the licensed online casinos on the main screen you can see the statistics with winning numbers, Cold and Hot of previous games to analyze your gaming strategy. The bets you can make in Classic Roulette correspond to the European roulette bets. Among them the bet in full number, split (2 numbers), street (3 numbers), square (4 numbers), line (6 numbers). The most beneficial is the full number bet that pays 35 to 1.

Besides there are outside bets, such as red or black number, odd or even, miss or pass, dozen (12 numbers) or column of numbers. You can also bet on numbers near zero, triplets and orphans. In total, you have 20 seconds in each round to place a bet. The minimum bet is € 1 and the maximum is € 10,000, although these limits may vary depending on the online casino provider of classic live roulette.

At the bottom of the screen there is a section for game information and settings. You can repeat the same bet, double it, cancel it or save it in the favorites section under the heart icon. You can access a live chat to be able to communicate with the live dealer and other players online.