Electronic Roulette

How Electronic Roulette works

The operation of electronic roulette is very simple. As in any roulette game, your goal is to place your bet on the winning number. The final position in which the ball lands determines the successful bets.

Electronic roulette software is based on an electronic circuit where an air blower throws the roulette ball and rotating plates accelerate the ball’s movement. Throws of the ball occur 60-80 times per hour, that is, approximately every 30-45 seconds. Although the launch time may vary from one model to another of roulette.

The electronic roulette board consists of an automatic wheel placed in the center and betting terminals with touch screens located around the wheel. Despite what many people think, electronic roulettes do not have magnets. Instead, the roulette system has optical and proximity sensors that detect the position of the ball.

The wheel is covered with a protective glass that prevents any type of intervention or unauthorized access. This game of chance can be played by several players at the same time and there are even individual electronic roulettes.

Casinos with Electronic Roulette

Automatic roulette also features a live game whose results are generated by the roulette itself in real time. Unlike live dealer roulette, automatic or electronic roulette is controlled by a high precision continuous rotation mechanism and compressed air ball insertion device. The advantage of this type of game is its availability 24 hours a day and a continuous cycle of games without interruptions.

It is possible to play electronic roulette with real money in some online casinos such as the Casino Gran Madrid, Codere or Sportium. The use of electronic roulettes allows casinos to save on expenses for organizing games and hiring staff. Furthermore, the electronic version takes up less space than conventional roulette, which makes it possible to equip the gaming room with more machines for more players at the same time. You can find electronic roulettes in online casinos or in a physical arcade.

  • The Gran Casino de Madrid offers an online electronic version of roulette. It is the well-known Slingshot Roulette. You can now play electronic roulettes online with your PC or mobile without downloading the software.
  • Sportium uses Slingshot electronic roulette to play without a dealer and online.
  • Codere offers this type of game in the Casino de Buenos Aires and in all its physical gambling halls.

It is important not to confuse electronic roulette with online or digital roulette. The one in which in the first the ball is thrown by automated mechanical systems and in the second the movement of the ball is governed by a random number generator.

Free electronic roulette

In some casinos it is possible to play electronic roulette for free online. How is it possible? Thanks to the no deposit bonuses or bonuses for signing up. These bonuses allow you to know the casino games and play for free without having to deposit. A no deposit bonus may not include some games.

In CasinoGamingNews.com we have saved you the research work and we can affirm that the Sportium games room offers the possibility of playing for free on an online electronic roulette with its € 10 no deposit bonus.

How to bet on Electronic Roulette

Before you start playing, you have to learn electronic roulette betting. Unlike placing your chips on the table, in electronic roulette you must place your bets on the electronic screen.

Some machines have protection systems against simultaneous bets, that is, they do not allow identical sums to be bet on opposite positions such as black / red, even / odd, lower / higher, etc. If such bets are made, a message warns that the bet is invalid and the player must withdraw or modify their bet in order to continue the game.

Plays on electronic roulette

Casinos often include new and different bets on their electronic roulettes. But in general, you can bet on all 37 roulette numbers with single bets such as bet on black / red, minor (1-18), major (19-36) or even / odd or combination bets.

You can combine inside bets with outside bets like:

  • Trio is the bet on the first three numbers (0, 1 and 2 or 0, 2 and 3).
  • Split is the bet on two numbers placed consecutively.
  • Corner is the bet on four numbers placed consecutively.
  • Street is the bet on three numbers located consecutively on the same perpendicular line.
  • Sixline is the bet on six numbers placed consecutively on two perpendicular lines on the playing field.

And also the outside bets:

  • Column is the bet on one of the three lines of numbers that make up the roulette wheel.
  • Dozen is the bet on the first, second or third dozen numbers.

Creators of Electronic Roulette

There are different types of electronic roulette developers that we can highlight:

  • Fazi is the leading developer of electronic roulette in the Balkans. It makes electronic roulettes for Spain and Mexico, among other non-Spanish speaking countries. They have developed different models of Optimum, Key One, Zed or Triple Crown electronic roulette.
  • Picmatic is a Spanish developer that since 1984 has been dedicated to the development of roulettes and arcade machines. Among the electronic roulettes created, Red Winner Roulette or Bill Roulette stand out.
  • The Slovenian-based company Interblock is one of the leaders in the creation of electronic roulette models. It has developed the Roulette model Diamond which has been very successful in Spain and the Organic Roulette model. In addition, Interblock offers innovative proposals such as Chinese roulette or individual roulette in electronic version.
  • IGT has created one and two zero electronic roulettes.
  • Greentube stands out for its 24-terminal electronic roulette.

Despite the different models of roulette that we can find on the market, the latest generation electronic roulettes have some common characteristics:

  • They use three sensors to quickly detect where the ball falls.
  • They include the automatic ball change function.
  • The wheel has a very tough carbon fiber cover and several highly reliable fraud prevention systems.

Types of electronic roulette

There are two types of electronic roulette games: the European version (with one zero) and the American electronic version (with two zeros). European roulette consists of 37 numbers (18 red, 18 black, and one zero) and American roulette has 38 numbers (18 red, 18 black, and two zeros).

Since the European electronic version roulette consists of 37 numbers (from 0 to 36), it gives the casino an advantage of 1/37 = 2.70%. While in American roulette, which has 38 numbers, the casino has an advantage of 2/38 = 5.26%.

How to win at electronic roulette

Electronic roulette, like live dealer roulette, is a game of chance, so our victory depends largely on luck and the bets we place. Throughout the history of roulette, countless strategies and tricks have been created that can help you learn how to win at electronic roulette, such as the Martingale system or the Law of Third.

Gambling halls try to prevent tampering and any kind of unfair play. For this reason, one of the essential criteria when deciding whether or not it is worth playing a particular electronic roulette is that the wheel must be visible, otherwise it could be unreliable electronic roulette.