Electronic Roulette Game

Double Wheel Roulette – Double Automatic Roulette

The automatic roulette game Double Wheel Roulette of Authentic Gaming takes place on two independent wheels at the same time with the option to bet on both without interruptions and without the presence of the live dealer. The two roulettes are located in the room of the St. Vicente casino in Italy and allow an unlimited number of online players and up to 12 players from the physical casino. It is an American roulette game with a 0 and a 00 with 38 numbers in total, the bets are traditional for this variant.

Features of the automatic roulette Double Wheel

Double Wheel Roulette is a very dynamic game that takes place without the dealer having to insert the ball, spin the wheel or collect the chips. The movement of both wheels is controlled by a fully automated electronic mechanism, thus avoiding delays. And since they are two synchronized electronic roulettes, you can place bets on one while watching the other turning and vice versa, increasing the number of total bets placed per hour and offering a more lively experience. In addition to online players, up to 12 physical players from the Saint Vincent Resort casino can participate in the Double Wheel electronic roulette game.

The double auto roulette game is played according to the American roulette rules. The virtual board has a zero, a double zero and 36 numbers that you can bet on individually, as well as in groups, columns, dozens, high-low, even-odd, red-black. And the payouts in American roulette are higher, you can get 36: 1 with the bet on a Straight up number instead of 35: 1 that European roulette offers, for the Split bet on two numbers you win your bet 17.5 times and the bets on external sectors are paid 1.05.

The two automatic wheels of Double Wheel Roulette are totally independent, so you don’t have to play on the second if you don’t want to, or vice versa, you can bet on the second virtual table while the first roulette is spinning.