Double Game Roulette Live Evolution

Dual Play Roulette from Evolution Gaming is a live roulette game in which land-based casino customers and online players can participate at the same time. The game of roulette takes place at Dragonara Casino located in Malta with the streaming of HD video in real time for online casino players who can place bets at the same roulette table and at the same time as physical players. An infinite number of players can connect to the game online from any fixed computer or mobile device using web browsers and accessing the service from their registered account.

Dual Play Roulette Live Features

Live Double Play Roulette stands out for its union of physical and online players for a passion and excitement of the same game without any limits. Live dealers spin the roulette wheel and casino players sitting at the table place bets on a regular basis. The entire process of the game is accompanied by numerous cameras that transmit high definition video to numerous screens within the facility and to the servers of the online casino in such a way that even those around the roulette table can bet online. Players who are in the territory of the Dragonara casino, as well as visitors from any country in the world where the game is legal, can place bets at the same game table in online mode and in real time from their tablets, smartphone, iphone or computers. The video system is designed to give remote play more realism, allowing online players to observe the hands of physical players placing chips and hear the noise in the background of the real casino.

Dual Play Roulette rules are the same as live European roulette Evolution, the betting table contains number sectors 0 to 36. Players can place both inside bets on specific numbers or sets of numbers, as well as outside bets. in columns, dozens, means, red / black or even / odd. Online players have a customizable drop-down menu that allows you to select the value of a chip, bet the chip with one click, save up to 15 favorite bets and connect to online chat. There is an option to view the game statistics to help make betting decisions. The betting range is wide and convenient for both those who prefer to bet the minimum, and for high rollers.

The main characteristic of Dual Play Roulette is that those who play online feel present and totally involved in the real game, and those seated at the physical table feel accompanied by numerous rivales experiencing the same emotion.

If you are attracted by the adrenaline that a live roulette gives and you prefer to experience it without having to visit any physical casino, discover more live roulette and online casinos where you can play them legally and safely.