Double Automatic Roulette NetPlay TV

Double Automatic Roulette

NetPlay TV is a British gambling provider specializing in the game of live and automated roulette. You can play it online only from your computer or laptop. Double Up Roulette is not available in HTML5 version for mobile phones or tablets. The double automatic roulette allows you to participate in two games at the same time, namely the Express Roulette and Express Roulette Premium. The difference of the Double Up roulette is that your bet is doubled, the same as the prize in case of winning.

How to Play Double Up Roulette from NetPlay TV

Activate the double auto roulette game from one of the provider’s affiliated online casinos such as Casino Vernons, Jackpot 247 or Super Casino among others. You can launch the Double Up roulette in viewing mode from the television or in game mode from the computer.

The bets offered by Double Up Roulette are of the European variant. You can place inside and outside bets, including red or black, odd or even, miss or pass, dozen, six numbers, four, two or three numbers, neighbors or full number. The latter is the most beneficial, as it carries a profit of 35 to 1. And more in Double Roulette where the bet increases proportionally to the prize. The minimum bet is £ 0.25 and the maximum is £ 10,000 per game table. You can play in automatic mode, previously selecting Autobet; apart you can double your bet and cancel it. It is important to know that all selected bets must be confirmed. Otherwise they will not be accepted. In addition, it is possible to skip one or the other play, you are not obliged to make bets in all rounds.

The settings offered by the NetPlay TV double electronic roulette are basic and consist of configuring the sound, the statistics and betting section, the information section about the game.