Automatic Extreme Live Roulette Gaming

Automatic or Electronic Roulette Extreme Live Gaming

Developed by the company Extreme Live Gaming, automatic roulette becomes a perfect option for those who prefer a faster game without having to communicate with a dealer. Because it is the electronic roulette version, you will not find several display modes here, but the broadcast of the game is of high quality. The Auto Roulette game has a racetrack to facilitate the betting process.

How to play Extreme Gaming Auto Roulette

The Extreme Live Gaming no-dealer auto roulette game is not available in demo version, so you must register with a legal online casino that accepts bets on live electronic roulette in your country.

On the Auto Roulette screen you can see the roulette wheel, the virtual betting board and the information section. Right here is the statistics section, such as Cold and Hot numbers, the last winning numbers and the time remaining to be able to bet. The betting limits in the game are quite high, reaching up to € 20,000. You can choose between € 1 and € 100 tokens.

The rules of Auto Roulette are identical to those of European Roulette. Here you can place bets on red or black, even or odd, low and high numbers, bet on full number, two, three, four or six numbers, dozen, square and neighboring numbers, among other types of bets.

If you have any questions, you can take advantage of the live chat to communicate with the technical support service, since the dealer is absent. The game options allow you to repeat the bet, cancel the last bet, obtain information about the game and make sound adjustments.