Red Dog (betsoft)

Type Poker
Software Betsoft
Games played 263
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Red Dog is the online poker game from betsoft with the chance to win the top prize of 1100 credits. In the game there are 8 decks of 52 cards each. The minimum bet is 1 and the maximum is 100 credits. The Red Dog machine allows you to double the bet and is available to play for free online.

How to play poker Red Dog

When starting the machine, the user gets 1000 virtual tokens. To start the game, you have to determine the amount of the initial bet. With a click on Place Bet the player bets 1 chip. Clicking on this field again will add one more token.

In the lower right corner there are chips with numbers that correspond to the value of the chips. By clicking on any of them, the player will assign the corresponding value of the chip to be wagered in the game. Four chip values ​​are offered: 1, 5, 25, and 100 play credits. There is a token with the value of 500 credits, but in the demo version it is not active.

The Clear button, located below the screen in the middle, will void bets made in one click. To the right of Clear is the Deal button, clicking on it will deal the starting cards. In the second round the Deal button is renamed to Repeat. Clicking on it will repeat the bet from the last round and comment on the deal of playing cards.

To win in online poker Red Dog the player must obtain the card whose value would be between the two cards dealt. For example, if the machine gave the player 6 and 10, then the winning cards will be 7, 8 and 9 of any suit. When the 2 and the 4 fell on the screen, the player will get the prize only after the 3 appears. In the case of the consecutive cards, for example, the 10 and the J, as well as the 4 and the 5, it will be a tie and the credits wagered will be returned to the account. The game is very simple and at the same time very exciting.

When the two matching cards are dealt, the user can increase the bet sum 11 times. For this, the third card needs to be of the same value as the other two. That is, if the dealer deals the Q and the Q, he will automatically draw from the deck of the third card. In the event that she is the queen, the sum of the bet will be multiplied by 11 and will be transferred in the form of the prize to the player’s balance. If any other cards land, the bet chips are returned to the player’s account. This combination does not give the possibility of doubling the bet.

The user can play each game with the bet that is initially set, or use the option to double the bet. This is done with the help of the following buttons: Stand, the round is played with the initial bet. Ride, increase the bet 2 times.

Online poker payments Red Dog

When the player opens 2 cards, a figure of a red dog is fixed on the game table. This means that the game will be played with the multiplication coefficient below the figure. In case under the red dog instead of the number there will be:

  • Even, the round is played with the coefficient x2.
  • Tie, is the tie, the wagered chips are returned to the user account.

Below we present the list in which is the description of all the coefficients of prizes and conditions to receive them:

  • 5: 1, the player receives this prize in case the correct card lands with the minimum difference between values. For example, when the 3 and the 5 appear, the prize with multiplier x5 will be given if the 4 falls. In case of obtaining the Ace and the Q, the bet will be paid 5 to 1 if the K. appears.
  • 4: 1, the bet is multiplied by 4, if the difference between the two cards in the hand will be two points. For example: the 8 and the J. The player will win 4 to 1, if the 9 or the 10 falls.
  • 2: 1, the prize with coefficients x3 is transferred when the necessary card appears with the difference of three points.
  • Paid, is the prize that is paid in all other cases with the multiplier x2.

If after playing the free Red Dog poker game you want to bet real money, visit one of the legal online casinos.

Game Settings Red Dog

Additional buttons are located at the bottom left of the screen, above the Bet window and help to make the following adjustments. Sound: This button turns the audio effects on and off. Help: opens the information window with the rules of the game. At the bottom right of the screen is the game speed controller. The player can choose the following modes: Slow, Medium and Fast. To decrease the stake on a chip, hold down Shift and click on Bet Palace. To remove the stack of chips from the table, hold down Ctrl and click on the bet.