Poker Oasis (betsoft)

Type Poker
Software Betsoft
Games played 507
Rating 5

The Oasis Poker or Poker without discard created by the company betsoft offers a demo version of online poker. You play against a virtual dealer at a casino table with Ante and Call bet. You can bet chips of up to 100 credits and win the maximum payout of 100 to 1 for the combination of Royal Flush cards from 10 to Ace of the same suit.

How to play Poker Oasis

To play Oasis Poker for free in demo mode, you are awarded 1,000 credits that you can use to buy chips of 1, 5, 25, 100 and 500 credits at the bottom right. Choose the chip you want to bet and place it in the Ante betting area. The maximum bet in the free poker game can be 100 credits, the minimum is 1 credit. To start the game, press Deal and the 5 initial cards are dealt to you. Dealer still gets five cards of which you can see one. You can then decide if you want to end the round and lower the cards or continue playing and change some cards if you see that there is a possibility of obtaining a combination.

Click on the cards you want to substitute and press Draw. You should bear in mind that the option to change cards has an additional Draw Cost:

  • 1 card costs you once the ante bet that you pay separately
  • 2 cards is 2 times your Ante bet
  • 3 cards cost 3 times the Ante
  • 4 cards cost you 2 times the Ante bet
  • 5 cards is 1 time the Ante bet plus the Call which is double the Ante

If you don’t see any possible benefits based on the cards you have, you can end the round by pressing Fold. In this case you lose the Ante bet. If you see that your combination has been successful or you believe that the dealer does not qualify, that is, he cannot obtain a combination, you can continue the round with the Call bet that is equal to twice the Ante. By clicking on the Call, the dealer lowers his cards and you get the payout according to the combination of cards that you have obtained when comparing it with the dealer’s.

To qualify with his cards the dealer must have a King and an Ace or any other combination from the pay table. If after lowering the cards the dealer does not qualify, you win the Ante bet doubled and the chips per Call are returned to your balance. If the dealer’s cards form a combination, the hands are compared. If your hand is more profitable, you win double the Ante and Call bet depending on the type of combination. If the dealer’s hand wins, you lose all your bets.

Card combination payouts at Oasis Poker

The object of the online Oasis Poker game is to beat the dealer to double the Ante bet. However, the main prizes are obtained by the combinations of cards obtained in the play. The combinations of poker hands and their payouts in the Oasis Poker game are as follows:

  • Royal Flush (Royal Flush) is the combination of 5 cards from 10 to Ace of a suit that pays you 100 times the bet (100: 1)
  • Straight Flush is any 5-card one-suit straight, awards you 50:
  • Four of a Kind: 4 cards of equal value, pay 20: 1
  • Full House: 2 and 3 cards of the same rank, pay 7: 1
  • Flush (Color): 5 cards of a suit, pay 5: 1
  • Straight is any 5-card straight that pays 4: 1
  • Three of a Kind: 3 cards of the same rank, pay 3: 1
  • Two Pairs: 2 pairs of the same value that give 2: 1
  • All other is a pair of cards of equal value that pays 1: 1

With which, in one play of Oasis Poker online you can win up to 10,300 credits with the maximum bet of 100 chips for the Royal Flush combination of 10, J, Q, k and A. If you like poker, you want to improve your skills and try strategies without having to bet the money, we offer you a large collection of free poker games. Also, on you can find more games of chance with original demo versions available to play for free.