How to play poker

For practically all types of poker there are a number of basic rules. A deck of 52 cards is used. In the joker game variants 53 or 54 cards can be used correspondingly, in some club poker variants 32 cards are used, but this is an exception to the basic rule. The combinations must be composed of a maximum of 5 cards. Often precisely five-card, with the exception of three-card poker and a few other variants.

There is the principle of hierarchy between combinations, so that the greatest combination beats the smallest. Except for, for example, Poker Omaha High-Low. The hierarchy of suits does not matter in poker. Players fight for the sum of money or chips that is drawn among themselves in real money poker games. In casino poker the banking role is played by the casino’s financial fund. The hierarchy of the cards is classified from two to AS, with the ace being the highest card. The AS in some combinations can be counted as the one.

Poker hands

The highest card (High Card) is the lowest combination, when neither player has any of the hands listed below, the winner is the player with the highest card. If two players have the same high card, tie the second high card in value.

Pair (Pair) is the combination of two cards with the same value, for example, two threes or two aces. If two players have the same pair of cards, the one with the highest remaining card wins.

Two Pair is any combination of four cards in pairs of two cards of the same value, for example, two sixes and two queens, or two tens and two jacks.

Three of a Kind is any combination of three cards with the same value, for example, three sevens or three kings.

Straight is any combination of five cards of different suits in order, for example, 8-9-Т-J-Q or А-2-3-4-5.

Flush is any combination of five cards of the same suit, for example, 3-7-Т-K-A of hearts.

Full House or Full House is any combination of three cards of the same rank plus two cards of the same rank, for example, 5-5-5-9-9 or 2-2-2-К-К. With this, the hierarchy of the Full House hand is a function of the major trio, that is, the Full House 5-5-5-9-9 is greater than the Full House 2-2-2-К-К.

Poker (Four of a Kind) is any combination of four cards with the same value, for example, 8-8-8-8.

Straight Flush is any combination of five cards in order and of the same suit, for example, 5-6-7-8-9 of spades.

Royal Flush (Royal Flush) is the highest combination in most poker variants, it consists of the five highest ranked cards in order and of the same suit, that is, Т-JQKA of diamonds, clubs, hearts and of spades.

Poker is the largest combination in the variants of poker that include the joker, it consists of four cards of the same value and the joker, therefore it is a combination of five cards, for example, 2-2-2-2-Joker.

Types of poker

Poker is a game of skill. In this variety of poker, the casino has no preference for one player or another to lose or win. The gambling house receives a commission from each bank (the sum of all the players’ bets made by them) or a fixed payment for the time spent playing the game. The opponents of each other are the same players.

Classic poker is the game in which each player is dealt five cards and by betting on the bank he tries to beat the others by showing his greatest combination in the final confrontation or by having his opponents put down their cards. Also each of the players at a certain time can exchange any of their cards for new ones. This poker today can only be seen in old books and in Far West movies, on the other hand, the best known varieties of poker are Texas Holdem and Omaha

Poker Texas Hold’em

In Texas Hold’em, at the beginning of the game two cards are dealt to each player and then the rest of the cards are placed in the center of the table face up for community use by all players, there are five cards and are needed for the game. formation of poker combinations. Although the player has seven cards at his disposal, he must create a combination of only five.

The game in Texas Hold’em unfolds as follows:

Before the deal, the player or the two players seated in the first and second position after the dealer (determined with the special button “button”) obligatorily make blind bets, then each of the players receives two cards face down and then the first round of betting opens.

Once all the participants of the hand have already made their decision, whether to call the bets or to check, three cards are placed face up on the table, the so-called Flop. These are three community cards.

The second betting round begins with the player sitting next to the button and at the end of the round, when everyone has already called or passed, the next card, the Turn or Fourth Street, is uncovered.

Another round of betting occurs and the fifth card, the River or Fifth Street, is opened. Next, the last betting round is carried out and finally the Show Down is carried out, that is, all the players show their cards. The five community cards on the table are called Board.

The Show Down constitutes the moment when the winner of the hand is determined. All players who have called the bets on the last betting round must show their cards face down to settle the winning combination. The combination is strictly made up of five cards, either the player’s two cards and three board cards, one player card and four board cards, or even five cards from the table, excluding the player’s cards.

The highest poker combination wins the bank after which the button is moved one position clockwise, the players post the blinds, and the next hand begins.


Omaha poker is rich in game combinations and appeals to advanced poker players and professionals alike. The rules of the game in Omaha are identical to those of Texas Hold’em, except for two:

  • During the initial deal, players are dealt four cards face down.
  • When forming the combinations, the player must strictly use two of his secret cards and three cards from the table.

In the rest, that is, the playing process, the betting rounds, the way of determining the winner, Omaha absolutely matches Texas Hold’em.

Stud Poker Poker Caribeño o

Players can place bets in real casinos, controlling their cards from the screen of their computer or smartphone; they can play Texas Hold’em or Omaha with other people from all over the world. Online casinos offer different varieties of poker and other versions of this extremely interesting game.

Online poker versus physical poker championships differ in that the gambling house always plays the role of opponent against all players. With this, the casino representative, the dealer, always acts according to a previously known strategy and it is impossible to bluff or bluff him.

The first testimonies of casino poker are in the United States, where it was called “Stud Poker”, but often the classic variant of this poker can also be called “Oasis Stud Poker” or “Carribian Stud Poker”. The rules of Stud Poker are simple:

All participants in the game make an initial bet, called Ante. Next, each player and the dealer are dealt five cards each face down. Only the dealer places his fifth card face up in view of all players. After that, the players take the cards and study them, looking for poker combinations (see the table above). The players make the decision to continue playing or to leave the cards, abandoning the game. If the player does not give up, he will place the cards in front of him and make another BET bet equivalent to two ANTE. When all the players have made up their minds, the dealer will open his cards and the players’ cards, comparing combinations: he takes the losing hands and pays the winners. The ANTE bet is always paid at 1 for 1, while the BET bet is paid according to the following pay table:

Cards Payments
Ace-King  1:1
Partner  1:1
Double Pair  2:1
Trio  3:1
Stairs  4:1
Colour  5:1
Full house  7:1
Poker 20:1
Color Ladder 50:1
Royal Flush 100:1

In Stud Poker you do not play with the Joker, so there is no combination of Poker with this card. In this variety of the game there is also the concept of “minimum game” of the dealer, that is, the dealer pays the BET bets only when he has at least the Ace-King combination or another higher, in the opposite case, whatever Whatever the player’s card, he will not receive the corresponding prize. After the dealer has paid all the winnings and collected the losing bets, he shuffles the cards again and the playing process repeats.

Russian Poker

Based on Stud Poker, casinos around the world invented tens and hundreds of varieties of the game themselves and often named them after the casino itself. There is, for example, Imperial Poker or Royal STUD Poker. But in this the gambling houses of the former Soviet Union stood out especially.

Added to the classic rules is the possibility of exchanging one of the cards for a new one in the deck for a bet equivalent to ANTE. Some casinos included the possibility not to change the card, but to buy another card, that is, a sixth card or to change two, three or even five cards.

Concepts such as “insurance”, “purchase of the game” were also introduced when the dealer exchanges one of his cards, in which there is no combination, for a new one from the deck or various other accessories. All this contributes to the birth in Moscow, the Russian Poker that spreads throughout Eastern Europe.

This variant of the game includes all the additional rules listed and also the possibility of receiving higher payouts for double combinations. For example, if the player has bought a sixth card and has in his hand the combination 2-3-4-5-6-7, he has a double straight: the first from 2 to 6 and the second from 2 to 7. Correspondingly , both combinations are paid.

Texas Holdem Casino

The Casino Texas Holdem game was invented by Stephen Au-Yeung in 2001. In this variety, players receive only two cards per hand and the rest are placed on the board being communal for all participants. But the players place the ANTE and BET bets according to the varieties of poker against the casino. The minimum dealer game at Casino Texas Holdem is two fours. If the dealer has a combination or game, he pays the BET bet always at 1: 1, and the ANTE bets according to the following pay table:

  • Straight and lower combinations: paid at 1: 1.
  • Color: paid at 2: 1.
  • Full House: paid at 3: 1.
  • Poker – Pays 10: 1.
  • Straight Flush – Pays 20: 1.
  • Royal Flush – Pays 100: 1.

In Casino Texas Holdem, even if the dealer does not have a game or combination, ANTE bets are still paid, which attracts those players who like to always pay all winning combinations.

Three Card Poker

Another popular type of poker in casinos around the world is Three Card Poker. All players and the dealer are dealt only three cards and must make combinations from classic poker combinations with just these three cards. The dealer does not show any of his cards, they are all dealt face down. The minimum combination that the dealer must have for there to be a game is the queen. If the dealer has no game, the ANTE bet is paid double (there is no BET bet in Three Card Poker). If the dealer has a game, all prizes are paid correspondingly to the following table:

  • Starting with the queen: paid at 2: 1
  • Color: paid at 2: 1
  • Straight: paid at 3: 1
  • Threesome: paid at 5: 1
  • Straight Flush: 6: 1 is paid

In addition, Three Card Poker includes the additional PAIRPLUS bet, which will be paid to the players in any case corresponding to the following table:

  • Pair: paid at 1: 1
  • Color: paid at 4: 1
  • Straight: paid at 5: 1
  • Trio: paid at 20: 1
  • Straight Flush: paid at 40: 1

The PAIRPLUS bet loses if the player does not even have a pair of deuces on the cards and it does not matter if the dealer has a game or not. Three Card Poker is one of the simplest and most dynamic varieties of poker. Many players start their casino career precisely with 3 Card Poker.

As we have already mentioned, in the casino you can find a multitude of different varieties of poker. The best decision a player can make when starting the game is to specify the rules of the specific establishment, as in virtual casinos, which publish the rules of their games and often even the percentages of payments for them. There are types of casino poker that even give a mathematical advantage to players who play with the correct strategy. These games are not only interesting and chance, but they can also bring financial benefits to those who can understand all the details and nuances of poker.

Video poker

Video poker is a game reminiscent of solitaire in some way. It is not played against other players but against the casino.

Poker Tournaments and Championships

Poker is a game of skills that includes elements of an intellectual and sports competition. For this reason they are held in poker tournaments and championships both locally and globally. In poker tournaments, players fight each other for the prize.

The best known poker championship has been held in Las Vegas since 1970 and is called the World Series of Poker (WSOP). The real boom in poker tournaments came in 2003 when Christopher Bryan Moneymaker won the WSOP tournament in Las Vegas. Moneymaker made the dream of many come true and showed people that with just $ 40 it is possible to win 2.5 million thanks to luck and tactics. Texas Hold’em was played.

Now there are different series and championships in all the big countries where poker is legal. In addition, it is possible to participate in large and massive online poker tournaments. Many players like poker because they can play with friends. Sometimes a lot more money is played in “house” games than in casino tournaments.

The best players, those who conquer the first places in the championships, are forever included by the poker society in the list of glories and the rest of the people consider them authorities. Books are written about them and movies are shot.

How poker arises

The historical roots of poker are in the old continent: in Great Britain and in France there were games similar to poker, even the famous Tarot cards are a distant ancestor of this game. However, the main rules of poker were formed in America, when cowboys and gold prospectors began to kill their free time in saloons throughout the territory of the present United States, Canada and Mexico.

Later, a process of unification and concretization of these norms began and, when casinos appeared in America, poker occupied a stable position in them to spread throughout the world later. Today, poker is the best known card game in the world, in general, thanks to multiple tournaments and championships, and also to television and movies. Even in one of the latest James Bond movies, “Casino Royale,” Agent 007 does not play baccarat like in Ian Fleming’s book, but poker.

The game largely reflects the spirit of today’s society: it symbolizes struggle, reason, psychology and calculation. So even in some countries certain types of poker are considered a sport.