How it works Hal Cash

Hal Cash or also called Helena Activos Líquidos is a payment method that allows you to send and receive money. To send money to the issuer you need to know the recipient’s phone number and have a bank account at one of the banks in the Hal Cash network. You must then submit an order from your account or from a website or application associated with HalCash. The beneficiary receives the order data by SMS and can go to the cashier and collect the money. The sender must invent a secret key or four-digit code and pass it on to the recipient. You can use the channel you want SMS, WhatsApp, email, phone or in person.

To receive the money, the beneficiary receives an SMS from HalCash with the amount sent, the validity period and an SMS reference. Next, you must go to one of the ATMs Hal Cash, which are ATMs of the banks connected to the platform’s network. Access section Hal Cash without introducing any card, you only need the beneficiary’s phone number, the amount, the SMS reference and the secret password. It does not involve any expense for the recipient and does not need an Internet rate on the mobile. You can find the nearest ATM on the company’s website. It is possible to download the mobile application Hal Cash, available on the same website.

How to use Hal Cash in an online casino

It is not necessary to open an account at Hal Cash to use this payment method. To deposit funds into their personal account at their favorite online casino using this payment method, the player must access their user profile and choose Hal Cash as the payment method to deposit the desired amount, the transaction will be carried out in a matter of seconds, although There could be delays from the player’s bank. You can also use this system to withdraw your winnings, however not all online casinos and gaming platforms accept Hal Cash as a method of withdrawal.

To deposit funds in Hal Cash it is possible through a bank account of a bank connected to the HalCash network or from a web page or application associated with the system. To withdraw money it is possible at any ATM of a bank connected to the HalCash network.

Advantages of using Hal Cash

  • You do not need to open an account to use the payment system.
  • The recipient does not need to have a card in order to withdraw cash from a partner bank ATM.
  • It does not charge commissions, but in this case it is recommended to consult the commissions of your bank.
  • It has customer service via email and a section for frequently asked questions.
  • Transactions are instantaneous.

Disadvantages of using Hal Cash

  • It is a recent system that works only in Mexico, Spain, Ecuador, Morocco and Poland.
  • It is not as accepted in online casinos compared to other payment systems.
  • In order to make or receive transfers, it is necessary to have an account in one of the associated banks.
  • Cashiers often give an error when withdrawing money.

Payment limits, fees and commissions

Hal Cash does not charge commissions to its clients for using the system, but it is possible that your own bank does. In that case, you will be charged a commission per shipment, not per amount.

Regarding the payment limits, the minimum amount to send, and therefore receive, is 10 EUR and the maximum is 600 EUR. It is allowed to send a maximum of 3,000 EUR per day and 6,000 per month to the same beneficiary number, which has the mobile application Hal Cash at its disposal to check how long it takes to reach the limit. On the other hand, since not all ATMs carry ten bills, it is not recommended to send multiple amounts of 10, such as 10 or 30 EUR.

More information about Hal Cash

The company was founded in 2004 by a group of Spanish banks with the aim of building a global payment system for cooperation between different financial entities. An efficient payment method at the national but also international level. Since 2017, thanks to the investment of Ashby Point Capital, an American firm with more than 25 years of experience in financial services companies, HalCash has started a process of international expansion, inaugurating a global transfer network.

To date, it has 12,072 ATMs around the world and 16 financial entities connected worldwide between Spain and Poland (HalCash Polska) and is about to open subsidiaries in the United States (Pin) and Mexico (HalCash México), two countries that constitute the most important money transfer corridor in the world, which will involve new ATMs, terminals and POS terminals. HalCash has already obtained patents in fourteen countries, such as the US, Canada, Costa Rica, Morocco, Mexico, Moldova, Russia, Georgia, Belarus, South Africa, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Australia, New Zealand and Ukraine. The headquarters of Hal Cash is located at Calle Don Ramón de la Cruz 88, 28006, Madrid.

HalCash is a payment method to send money from a bank account through a global system, the beneficiary receives an SMS with the amount, an SMS reference and their phone number, and must enter them together with the four-digit secret code that You will be informed by the issuer at the ATM you choose to collect the cash. Thus, the issuing user will only need a bank account and the beneficiary’s telephone number, and the latter will not need anything more than to have a mobile phone.

Customer Service

Hal Cash makes the Customer Service service available to the user, with which you can contactar through the email address [email protected] In addition, you will find more information in a special section of answers to the most frequently asked questions (FAQ) on the website of the payment system. However, if there has been an incident with making the payment, you should surely call contact or the Customer Service of your bank or issuing company.