Casinos with VISA

How to get a VISA card

To get a VISA card, you must call contact or with any bank or online payment system that offers the services of VISA International Service Association and link your bank account to a VISA card. For them, you must provide a series of personal data, such as name and surname, identity document, postal address and telephone number.

Next, you will receive a rectangular plastic card, the size and color of which may change, for example in the case of the VISA Mini Card or VISA Black Card, which will include a chip and magnetic stripe, on the front side of which will appear the name and first surname of the holder, the expiration date and the card number, that is, a 16-digit code, and the 3-digit CVV verification number will appear on the reverse side.

In the lower right corner of the front, you will see the VISA logo, with a homonymous inscription on a white rectangle. It is possible, as in the case of VISA Virtual Card, that the user does not have a physical card, but only its digital version online. In any case, the card will consist of a secret 4-digit personal password, which the user will use to withdraw cash from the ATM and to access their personal account online through the website or online application of their bank, where you can carry out transactions of all kinds. Depositing money into your account will be possible from the entity’s offices or ATMs.

VISA as a payment method in online casinos

In order to make deposits in their favorite virtual casino using their card VISA, the player must access their user account and add the details of their debit, credit or prepaid card as long as the casino can verify it and add it as a method payment, such as the card number, expiration date, CVV code and, at the time of deposit, the desired amount. The operation will be instantaneous and you will not be asked for your password at any time. Regarding profit withdrawals, the transaction process will be the same, but it may take up to a maximum of 5 days. The payment service VISA does not charge commissions for its use to the user, although this does not exclude that the gaming platform or the bank may charge the operation with additional fees.

Advantages of using VISA

  • The VISA cards are a secure form of payment thanks to the VISA Verified system and in case of loss they can be blocked by going to customer service.
  • It is accepted in a large number of online sites, stores and ATMs.
  • Fast deposits since transactions are made in a few minutes.
  • You can choose from many types of the card for any user need.
  • The spending limits are usually quite high.

Disadvantages of using VISA

  • It is frequently rejected at online casinos.
  • In case of using VISA in online casinos it is recommended to choose a debit card to be able to control expenses.
  • Sometimes the commissions are usually quite high but they do not depend on the card but on the bank.
  • The withdrawal of funds needs a period between 3 and 5 days for them to be available in the bank account.
  • If you use a VISA card in your online casino account, you will need to submit your personal information and personal details. However, due to the high level of protection and current guarantees, the risk is minimal.

Cards VISA

VISA is a recognized and trusted brand that can be used in many different places, including stores, gas stations, hotels and restaurants around the world, as well as online transactions. It is an accepted payment method in most online casinos where transactions happen quickly and safely. Today, VISA offers a wide range of services and cards with different characteristics and limits adapted to the specific needs of each user:

  • VISA Electron: debit card whose funds must be available at the time of transfer, limited to online use.
  • VISA Classic: monthly credit card that allows you to pay all operations at the end of the month, or in installments.
  • VISA Debit: debit card that allows spending in excess of the funds available in the account, with limits to be agreed with the bank.
  • VISA Prepaid Card: rechargeable prepaid card with no annual cost that allows you to spend the funds previously loaded, it can be used as a Gift Card.
  • VISA Gold: credit card with higher spending limits than VISA Classic and with a series of additional services, such as instant cash withdrawal, fast card change, additional discounts and privileges when traveling, making purchases or paying for services .
  • VISA Platinum: elite credit card with a series of privileges superior to those of VISA Gold, such as additional services, discounts and insurance.
  • VISA Signature: credit card for users of the highest purchasing power with maximum purchasing power, high transaction limits and exclusive online services.
  • VISA Infinite: the most prestigious credit card for users with the highest financial capacity and often without a credit limit.
  • Visa ​​Black Card: luxurious and exclusive card made of carbon fiber reinforced polymer that only 1% of Americans can access, with privileges and benefits such as concierge service, travel insurance, compensation for damages in case of car accident or trip cancellation.
  • Visa Business Credit / Debit – Credit or debit card for small businesses.
  • Visa Business Electron Card: debit card for small businesses in countries with economic growth.
  • Visa Corporate: card for medium and large companies.
  • Visa Fleet: business card for companies whose employees commute systematically, helping them save on transportation costs and receive promotions on fuel and maintenance services.
  • Visa Virtual card: virtual card for online payments with a lower level of protection, but with the possibility of using it anonymously.
  • Visa TravelMoney: reloadable prepaid card designed to move money in the style of travelers checks, often limited to cash withdrawals from ATMs, but anywhere.
  • Visa Mini Card: reduced size card, designed to pay for purchases or withdraw cash at ATMs that work from magnetic stripe or contactless chip.
  • Visa Buxx: debit card for children and adolescents in which parents can deposit money and control account movements.
  • Visa Horizon: debit card that allows you to save funds on the chip, having previously authorized it from the bank account.
  • Visa Cash: reloadable or single-use prepaid card for small and fast expenses.
  • Visa Payroll: card for citizens of the United States that you will not have to link to a bank account, designed to enter payments in cash and that involves insurance of private property acquired with your help for a sum of up to 50,000 USD.
  • Visa Check, Visa Gold Check and Visa Business Check: cards for participation in mileage accrual programs of air operators, especially for the WorldPerks system.
  • Visa Platinum Check: card for exclusive participation in WorldPerks, but more possibilities than Visa Check or Visa Gold Check.
  • Visa Purchasing: card designed to include the office expenses of medium and large companies for a maximum sum of 5,000 USD, saving on administrative expenses and being able to receive financial information of different types.
  • Visa Commercial: card for the consolidation of payments of all departments, divisions and subsidiaries that offers an overview of expenses for events, purchases and business trips.

The wide range of cards available ensures that all customer needs can be met, regardless of their individual circumstances.

History of Visa

Visa began its history in the United States with Bank of America, which in 1958 issued its first BankAmericard card with blue, white and gold bands, whose great success allowed the bank to expand and in 1972 it already had a presence and granted licenses to issue cards in 15 countries . Over time IBANCO was founded, a multinational corporation of members that went on to administer the international BankAmericard card program, but did not enjoy international popularity, so it was later renamed as Visa International and BankAmericard as Visa, maintaining its blue, white and gold flag until 2005.

The company’s payment service Visa allows you to make deposits in virtual casinos and gaming platforms quickly, effectively and safely, as well as extract your winnings within a maximum period of 5 days, the user being sufficient with the number of his card, the CVV code and expiration date; You can choose between about 30 types of cards with different characteristics, spending limits and functionalities, made to measure, and will have coverage in establishments in more than 200 countries and cards and services of all kinds tailored to the user.

If you choose a debit card, you can only spend the available balance in the bank account to which it is linked. If you choose a credit card, you can spend up to the limit agreed with your bank; If you have a prepaid card, you can spend the balance previously loaded onto it; In all cases, you will have the possibility of making deposits in the branches and ATMs of your bank, as well as carrying out procedures in the online section of your account.