Casinos with VISA Electron

How to get a card VISA Electron

To get a VISA Electron card, you must contactar with your bank or bank that offers the services of VISA International Service Association. The bank links your bank account to the card VISA Electron. You may have to provide a series of personal information such as your name and surname, identity document, postal address and telephone number.

The Visa Electron card has a chip and a magnetic stripe. On the front side you will find the name and first surname of the holder, the expiration date and the card number, which is a 16-digit code. On the reverse side is the CVV verification number consisting of 3 digits. To withdraw cash from the ATM with a card Visa Electron you must know a personal 4-digit password that the bank gives you. In case of loss or theft of the card you must call the Assistance Center on Visa and to block it immediately.

How to use a Card Visa Electron in a Casino

To deposit at your casino with a card VISA Electron you must access to add your card details in your casino profile. The casino will verify the card number, expiration date, CVV code so that you can use the card as a payment system. You should not indicate the password of the card.

The withdrawal of money through the card VISA Electron can take up to 5 days. VISA Electron does not charge commissions for its use but the casino may charge additional fees when paying by card.

Advantages of using VISA Electron

  • It is one of the most widespread and accepted methods throughout the world.
  • Speed ​​of transactions both to enter and withdraw funds.
  • Commissions of this card are lower compared to others.
  • In any case, the user has a 24-hour assistance service at his disposal.
  • Unlike other types of card VISA, this one allows spending only the available funds so the user will be able to keep more control of the expenses incurred.

Disadvantages of using VISA Electron

  • Cards are not issued in Australia, Canada and the United States but payments can still be made with them.
  • This type of card is not as widely accepted for online payments.
  • It is always necessary to avoid using from Internet cafes due to lack of security, as well as choosing trusted websites.
  • There is no absolute anonymity.
  • It is not very widespread in online casinos.

Differences between VISA and VISA Electron

Unlike VISA Debit, VISA Electron only allows you to spend the resources available in your account, and as long as you have an online connection, since the bank balance must be checked. In countries like Spain, practically all establishments have an online connection. Since 2005, VISA Electron cards include the VISA logo without the background flag.

The payment service VISA Electron allows you to make deposits in casinos and gaming operators quickly, effectively and safely. In the same way you can extract your earnings in about 5 days. The international company VISA covers establishments in more than 200 countries and cards and services of all kinds tailored to the user.

Since it consists of a debit card, you can only spend the available balance in the bank account to which it is linked and you will have the possibility of making deposits at the branches and ATMs of your bank, as well as carrying out procedures in the section online from your account.