Casinos with Todito Cash

How it works Todito Cash

ToditoCash was inaugurated in 2000 and since then it has dedicated its efforts to obtaining important partners in different parts of the market. Among them, the Bet casino stands out as one of the most recognized sports betting companies in the world, Steam, which is the main distributor of digital games worldwide, and PokerStars, which is one of the largest online poker websites.

How to get an account at Todito Cash

To pay with Todito Cash you must create an account on the official website of Todito Cash. For this you have to complete a short form that is similar to that of any other online payment method such as Paypal. Once the registration is completed, you will obtain an account and identification number . Unlike PayPal with Todito Cash you don’t need to have a bank card.

From your account you can print paper receipts. If you use the account for online operations, it is not necessary to have a physical receipt.

Where to buy Todito Cash

You can also get a Todito Cash card through a physical branch. Although having a physical card is not a mandatory requirement in ToditoCash. The ToditoCash account can be loaded with money through the user interface on the service page or at a physical branch of the service which are very popular in Mexico.

How to recharge Todito Cash

Once registered at Todito Cash you must deposit money on your card or account. This can be done in two ways:

  • From the online page of Todito Cash
  • From an affiliated branch such as 7-Eleven, Kiosko, El Asturiano, Farmacias Benavides, Oxxo, Extra and Elecktra, among others.

If you have a physical card, the limit varies depending on the affiliated branch, as well as the commissions applied. Once the card has funds, you can start using it in online casinos, e-shops, bookmakers and online games that accept Todito Cash.

Casinos that accept Todito Cash

Some online casinos such as Bet, Caliente, Rivalo, Wiilliam Hill, 888casino or Pokerstars accept the Todito Cash payment system. Once an account has been created at the chosen casino, you must go to the deposit funds section and select the ToditoCash option. Complete the required fields such as the card account number. With Todito Cash operations are done instantly. No need to wait to start playing!

Todito Cash and Paypal

It is important to note that ToditoCash works as a means of payment, but not as a way to withdraw funds from an online casino. Consequently, the user must find a withdrawal method that suits their needs. This is a big difference between Todito Cash and PayPal.

What advantages does ToditoCash have?

The main advantage of ToditoCash is the lack of requirements for its use. With a strong and growing portfolio of partners, this payment method allows you to enjoy a variety of casinos and online entertainment sites. Among the most important advantages, we can point out the following:

  • No Requirements

To use ToditoCash it is not necessary to prove income, or endorse creditworthiness. Once the necessary forms have been completed, the card is loaded and you can start using this means of payment.

  • Without bank card

To register, ToditoCash does not ask the user for their bank account or credit card details. And in the same way, to make use of the service, the third party (that is, where we buy through ToditoCash), does not ask for additional information to make the payment.

  • It is a safe method

Due to the dynamics of the payment method (ToditoCash being an “electronic purse” that is loaded for later use), its requirements (almost nil) and its confidentiality (requiring little information compared to other services), in addition to the measures of security of the system itself, makes it one of the safest payment methods that exist.

  • It is easy

ToditoCash is very easy to use. Its form is simple and the procedure is completed in a matter of minutes. Once the process is complete and the account is loaded with funds, it can be used for all applicable services.

  • Has a loyalty program

There are not many deposit methods that have loyalty programs for their clients. With each weight that is used through this platform, a point is earned. Points are accumulated permanently and are valid for 6 months. Points can be exchanged for additional credit.

  • Todito Cash App

Todito Cash has an App for Android or iOS mobile. This facilitates the use of the platform through the mobile phone.

  • Promotions

ToditoCash partners offer exclusive promotions to users so that they get the most out of their money.

What disadvantages does ToditoCash have?

  • Only available in Mexico

The service is a specific solution for Mexican citizens. The physical branches are located in Mexico, the exchange currency in the system is that of that country. ToditoCash is a specific solution for people domiciled in Mexico. More than a disadvantage, it is a feature.

  • Commissions

The service charges commissions for each operation carried out. Consequently, it can be a more expensive platform than others, comparatively speaking. It could be said that it is the consideration by not imposing great requirements.

In short, Todito Cash is a good payment alternative for those who want a medium that is not very demanding with their requirements and is easy to use.