Casinos with Teleingreso

How it works Teleingreso

To make a payment you must obtain a 9-digit locator code. You will need this data to associate this code Teleingreso with the amount of your purchase, in other words, it is like an invoice or purchase receipt. Then you must go to a point of payment, enter the code and enter the code for the amount. Finally, you are given a receipt or receipt that you must keep. You can pay in cash at the associated establishments or also with a card at the ATMs of the connected banking entities.

Thus, with this payment method you can make online purchases and deposit the money to a virtual account without providing bank details and pay in cash offline. If you do not go to make the payment within a week, the code will be invalidated and the order canceled. This payment method accepts a single currency, VISA, the euro.

How to use Teleingreso at Online Casinos

It is not necessary to open a special account to use this payment method. To deposit funds in their personal account of their online casino with Teleingreso, the player must access their user profile and make a deposit through this method, then they will receive the 9-digit code and can go to any payment point to enter the money, completing the deposit. Teleincome is not yet available as a profit extraction method. has selected the legal online casinos in your country of residence that accept deposits with Teleingreso.

Deposit and withdraw money

It is possible to make deposits, that is, payments in cash in associated establishments (Disashop), with a card at ATMs (Abanca, Cajamar) or also through Hal Cash and Bitcoin without having to provide data to make a deposit in a web store. At the moment it is not possible to withdraw funds with Tele Ingreso.

Advantages of using Teleingreso

  • It is a secure payment method that offers sufficient protection.
  • You do not need to have an associated bank account or credit card to make a purchase since you will only need a code with which you will pay in cash.
  • It is a very simple system to use.
  • Registration is not required, as for example in other methods.
  • The system does not charge commission and has no limits on the amounts to be paid. But the casinos where you play can set some limits.

Disadvantages of using Teleingreso

  • It does not allow withdrawing the winnings. In this case you must use an alternative method such as a bank transfer.
  • No contact phone is offered. In case of any question you can contactar with the customer service through the contact form or email.
  • The places of entry are not so widespread.
  • It is not very widespread in online casinos.

Payment limits, fees and commissions

The company does not charge commissions to its clients for using the system nor does it impose limits to pay, the consumer will be able to pay in full the amount of the code issued by the web page, which facilitated online commerce. If there is a minimum or maximum deposit to be made at your preferred gaming casino, it will inform you on its own website.

Telepay Vs Teleingreso

Teleingreso is a trademark of Telepay SL, the Spanish multinational global financial services company in charge of developing telematic transfer services. Telepay SL with CIF B was founded in 2004 and in 2011 it was registered in Mexico with the aim of offering companies and consumers innovative ways to make payments and pre-payments. As well as mobile payments, bill payment solutions, prepaid vouchers, etc.

Currently, among its product portfolio we find, in addition to Teleingreso, Paysafecard, NetPay, PayWin, PangoPay, PayNet, Ukash, SafetyPay, ToditoCash and PaynoPain. Telepay is also the exclusive license holder for the Hal Cash subsidiary in Mexico.

Customer Support

In the event of a claim or incident, you can call contact with the Customer Service through the contact form on their website or via email [email protected] It is advisable to always have proof of payment at hand. The company that owns it is domiciled in the town of San Sebastián de los Reyes in Madrid, at Avenida Puente Cultural 8, Portal A, Bajo 1º, it can be reached by postal correspondence or by telephone contact 911 13 84 98.