Casinos with Qiwi

How it works Qiwi

You can make all types of payments and transfers from your wallet Qiwi (available on PC, tablet and smartphone) and at ATMs Qiwi: send money to bank accounts and cards, make international transfers, pay credits, add balance to the mobile card, deposit money in other digital wallets, pay bills for community expenses (gas, electricity …) and for state services such as fines, taxes, car registration, etc. In addition, you have the possibility of acquiring a virtual card Qiwi on the company’s website, from your wallet Qiwi and at the ATMs Qiwi. The company collaborates with a wide range of stores that accumulates in total more than 11,000 products and services. Sending money is possible to another wallet Qiwi, to an account or bank card, by email and through multiple transfer systems, such as Contact, Unionpay Moneyexpress, Correo de Russia, Unistream, VISA, Mastercard MoneySend, Diners Club International, American Express, Express Pay and many more.

Users have the cashback system at their disposal, they must register at Qiwi Bonus and, when making a purchase, a certain percentage of the amount spent is returned to them after 2-4 weeks directly to their account Qiwi.

With your wallet Qiwi you will have the possibility to link it to a VISA or Mastercard card or obtain a Qiwi Virtual card, Qiwi VISA Card or Qiwi VISA Plastic. Qiwi works in rubles (RUB), euros (EUR), dollars (USD) and tenge (KZT).

How to use Qiwi at online casinos

Opening an account at Qiwi is easy and simple, you just have to enter your phone number, however it must be Russian, Belarusian, Ukrainian or Kazakh. You will then receive a confirmation SMS and you will have created an account that you can use all over the world by entering nothing more than your phone number.It is not necessary to provide personal data, but it is possible to identify yourself by providing the identity document (in the case of foreigners, a translation of the identity document verified by a notary) and thus obtain additional privileges. You will receive a PIN code to carry out procedures in the terminals and a password can be created to access your account from the web and the application.

In order to make deposits in their favorite virtual casino using Qiwi, the player must access their user profile and choose Qiwi Wallet as the payment method, then they will enter the amount to be deposited and will be transferred to the page Qiwi so that log into your account and complete the payment. The transaction will be instantaneous. You can withdraw money with Qiwi depending on whether the gaming platform allows it or not.

Funds can be deposited at Qiwi through an ATM, a mobile phone or a bank card. To withdraw funds it is possible to transfer them to accounts or to bank cards or with other systems, but also by withdrawing cash at any ATM.

Advantages of using Qiwi

  • Fast speed of transactions.
  • The registration process is quick and easy.
  • Users have both prepaid cards and digital wallets to be able to pay for services online and make purchases in stores.
  • The wallet offers the option of deferred payment, in addition, the user can take advantage of it to pay for a flight, make transfers or pay a loan.
  • You can deposit from a bank card, ATM or mobile phone.

Disadvantages of using Qiwi

  • Negative comments about ignorance of technical support appear on websites.
  • The unwieldy mobile application.
  • It is accepted in few online casinos.
  • You have only four types of diVISA to choose from, RUB, EUR, USD and KZT.

Payment limits, fees and commissions

Qiwi does not charge commissions to its users for depositing funds in their account through ATMs, online banking, bank card from 3,000 RUB, terminals Qiwi from 501 RUB, other terminals, associated offices and bank transfer; but you can apply a commission of up to 9.9% if you send money from the phone. Nor does it charge commissions for sending money to another user of Qiwi, but a minimum 2% of 100 RUB for sending money to bank cards with an unregistered card or 2% plus 50 RUB with the wallet Qiwi; Sending money using CONTACT is free if it is sent in rubles and the recipient receives it in dollars or euros, otherwise it implies a commission of 2% plus 50 RUB.

The payment limits vary depending on the type of payment to be made, in the case of sending money to another account Qiwi, the minimum is 0.01 RUB and the maximum is 250,000 RUB; in the case of transferring money to bank cards VISA, Mastercard, Maestro and МIR, the maximum is 15,000 RUB; In the case of depositing a balance on the mobile, the minimum is RUB 1 and the maximum is RUB 15,000; In the case of liquidating credits, the minimum is RUB 15,000; In the case of depositing funds in the World of Tanks game, the minimum is RUB 22 and the maximum is RUB 15,000, or in Steam the minimum is RUB 1 and the maximum is RUB 15,000; etc. It is allowed to send up to a maximum of 600,000 RUB per month to the same recipient.

The management period for money transfers ranges from a few seconds to a maximum of 5 business days, while payments are always made instantly.

More information about Qiwi

The company Qiwi Bank has its origins in AKB Belekonombank, a bank founded in 1993 for the management of retirees’ pensions in the Russian Belgorod region, which in turn evolved and expanded by merging with other larger banks and getting new shareholders. In 2004 the Banco Comercial de Accionistas entered the federal bank deposit insurance system and after some changes to highlight its uniqueness, on March 16, 2011 the bank was renamed Qiwi Bank (SАО) under the strategy of unifying all the activities of the holding company and all its companies at Qiwi. From this moment, they gain in popularity and position themselves among the market leaders, thanks to services such as VISA Qiwi Wallet, Qiwi VISA Virtual, Qiwi VISA Card, the possibility of making transfers to bank accounts, pay credits and many more. As of today, Qiwi Bank already has 15 years of history and an impeccable stability curriculum, and the payments made with their help are 100% secure thanks to their collaboration with VISA.

Qiwi constitutes an electronic wallet that works from a telephone number and a password or PIN code and allows you to make all kinds of payments, from online or in-store payments, to community expenses (gas, electricity, internet, telephony … ) and state services (fines, taxes …), send and receive money to other accounts Qiwi, to bank accounts and cards, through online banking and other services, deposit money through all kinds of methods and withdraw cash at ATMs.

Customer Support

The digital wallet Qiwi has a complete help section on its website, with answers to the most frequently asked questions and explanations on what to do, for example, in case of loss of the SIM card or of wanting to close the account. In addition, it offers the user the helpline 8 800 707-77-59 and the possibility of activating the “priority” status so that their call is answered in 10 seconds. The headquarters of Qiwi Bank is located in Moscow and is open from 09:00 to 18:00 from Monday to Friday and their telephones are +7 (495) 783-59-59 and +7 (800) 200-00- 59.