Casinos with Paysafecard

How to deposit at an online casino with a Paysafecard card

To make payments with Paysafecard it is not necessary to create a bank account, you just have to acquire a Paysafecard card at a point of sale. There are many places where you can get the card pin PaySafeCard. From a supermarket, a kiosk, gas stations, drugstores, automatic dispensing machines or also online sites. The prepaid cards Paysafecard have different amounts, from € 10 to € 100 except in Germany where the minimum is € 5.

The card is rectangular and is the same size as bank cards and has a 16-digit PIN. You can make payments, purchases and transfers from your computer, phone or tablet, without the need for your financial or personal data, just by entering said PIN; You will have to spend predetermined amounts and when the card’s value is exhausted, the PIN will be invalidated, without the possibility of recharging the card; in isolated cases, such as the Amazon or Zalando online stores, you will be asked to previously visit the Paysafecard website and exchange the card for a purchase voucher. You should bear in mind that once a period of 12 months after the purchase of the card has passed, the amount purchased with the Paysafecard card will decrease, since maintenance fees of 2 EUR per month will be deducted.

If you want to make deposits in your virtual casino or preferred gaming portal using Paysafecard, the user must first check that said platform accepts these prepaid cards and, if so, access their user profile, choose Paysafecard as the payment system and add the 16-digit PIN. The deposit will be made instantly, but it should be remembered that with Paysafecard you will not be able to withdraw your winnings and that you can only make payments in EUR and GB.

Advantages of using Paysafecard

  • The first year of use is free.
  • It has a large presence in the national territory and the website offers a search bar for points of sale.
  • The system is easy to use and has a very high degree of security.
  • In case of losing the card you can block it on the web.
  • The transaction fees are very low, and the deposits made are free.
  • Casino expenses can be kept separate from daily expenses on bills.

Disadvantages of using Paysafecard

  • It can only be used for deposits since it is a prepaid card and you cannot withdraw money, therefore when you want to collect your earnings you must choose another method.
  • The purchase of the card is made at the points of sale and not online.
  • The second year of use a maintenance fee will be charged.
  • It can take up to 11 business days to refund your balance to your account.
  • A telephone number is not offered but information can be requested.

More information about Paysafecard

Paysafecard Wertkagen is an Austrian company based in Vienna in charge of the development of the first prepaid means of Internet in Europe consisting of non-reloadable prepaid cards for online purchases and services without the need to provide personal data or use credit cards. A card becoming the equivalent of traditional cash payment and having become one of the most used alternative payment options today by online casino users.

The company Paysafecard was founded in 2000 with the backing of BAWAG PSK and issued the first prepaid card in Europe with legal approval to make online payments, also known as Internet cash, it took a year to expand to Germany, with the guarantee of Commerzbank, and is currently present in more than 33 countries, all of Europe, the United States and part of the South American continent, in which it is expanding, starting with Argentina; is accepted in more than 4,000 web stores, including gaming, telephony and messaging services, social networks and communities, online dating, Internet services, music and online entertainment sectors in general.

The services of Paysafecard are offered through more than 450,000 points of sale, since 2004 they can also be purchased online, since 2008 the company has permission to issue electronic money and in 2012 its shares were bought by Skrill (Moneybookers), one of the most important online payment companies in Europe. Its successful activity has brought it awards such as the Best Prepaid Company outside the US or the Prepaid Award as a leading prepaid organization, but also grants such as the EU grant (eTEN) in order to promote the possibility of pay online without a credit card.