Casinos with Neteller

How to use Neteller at online casinos

To make deposits in your favorite virtual casino or gaming portal using Neteller, you must first check if the system is accepted by lel caisno. Access your user profile and add your account details Neteller, that is, email and password. Follow the same steps to withdraw your winnings. In general, transactions are effective instantly, but the handling time for winnings withdrawals may vary by casino.

Players who use the electronic wallet Neteller have different options to make deposits to their digital account: free deposits with debit or credit card (VISA), international bank transfers, electronic funds transfers (EFT), transfers between users of Neteller and Finally, the InstaCash system, consisting of electronic money transfers with the addition of being virtually instantaneous and the need to have a verified bank account with Neteller. With the exception of international and electronic bank transfers, which can take between four and five business days, the rest of the income is instantaneous. You can also receive profits in your account Neteller, which in turn can withdraw by bank transfer, check or the Net + card, a prepaid Mastercard card available at points of sale and ATMs.

How to open an account Neteller

In order to make payments with Neteller, initially the player must create an account for free on the platform from their email and personal data, name and surname, date of birth, sex, address and telephone number, and choose one of the 26 possible diVISAs, among which you will find the most common such as the euro, American or Australian dollar, British pound, ruble or Swiss franco and also other less frequent such as the Thai dollar, Danish krone or Mexican peso. You will then receive an email to activate the account and after this step you will be able to deposit money.

The online payment service of the company Paysafe Financial Services Limited consists of a digital wallet, Neteller, which with coverage in more than 200 countries around the world allows the user to make deposits and extract their winnings in virtual casinos and gaming platforms instantly , effective and safe from your computer, phone or tablet, but also save money and / or make payments and transfers, being able to enter balance in the virtual account through 6 different options, debit card, credit card, international bank transfer, electronic or between users of Neteller and InstaCash transfers, and withdraw funds through bank transfer or with Net + cards, available at points of sale and ATMs.

Advantages of using Neteller

  • High security control FCA.
  • It is possible to order the Net + Prepaid and Net + Virtual Card payment card, which allows you to separate the money for daily expenses from the money to play in the casino.
  • Available in European countries, Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus and others.
  • It offers several methods to recharge the account.
  • Low cost of issuing the card.

Disadvantages of using Neteller

  • Not many methods are offered to withdraw the funds.
  • Winnings cannot be collected with the card.
  • It is usually used in online casinos or for betting but it is not widely used in other online services.
  • You can have a purse with a diVISA alone.
  • To take advantage of advanced features, user data verification is required.

Online payments with Neteller

It should be noted that Neteller began processing online gambling payments as early as July 2000, managing 80% of money transfers in the global sphere of gambling; is available in more than 200 countries in the world, with the exception of Afghanistan, China, Cuba, Eritrea, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Kyrgyzstan, Libya, Sudan, South Sudan and Syria, and with some limitations, partly related to online gambling, in Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Japan, Macau, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and United States of America.

Previously, the company logo Neteller consisted of a homonymous inscription in orange on a white background; currently, the letters and the background play with the colors green and white. The Net + Prepaid Mastercard card, originally called the Neteller card, together with the Neteller VIP account with privileges and lower rates are an example of the advance in quality that the company has experienced since its inception. Currently, Neteller is, along with others such as Paypal, Moneybookers or Apple Pay, one of the most important electronic wallets on the market.