Casinos with Entropay

How to open an account EntroPay?

To make payments with your EntroPay card, you first have to create an account at Enter your name and surname, email, password, date of birth and diVISA. Once the account is opened, you can create your own virtual card EntroPay.

Once created, we receive a 16-digit series, like the one we can find on physical cards, and they also send us the CVV security code that we can use when requested at the online payment sites where we decide to buy. From the tab “deposit your account” you can deposit balance on your card EntroPay. Keep in mind that deposits have fees.

EntroPay only accepts EUR, GBP and USD as diVISAs. The minimum payment with EntroPay is 10 USD and the maximum is 10,000 USD. Transaction management takes a minimum of 3 to 5 business days. You can make payments online with EntroPay on the condition that you have made a deposit in your account EntroPay in the last 6 months.

How to use EntroPay in an online casino?

To make deposits at a casino using your EntroPay card, you must access your user profile and choose EntroPay as the payment method. Add your card details from EntroPay, such as card number, expiration date, CVV code for the casino to verify. At the time of deposit or withdrawal, enter the desired amount.

Balance deposit and profit withdrawal operations take between 3 and 5 business days. You are not prompted for a password at any time. It is possible that EntroPay charges the use of their virtual cards with commissions for making deposits or withdrawals in the virtual casino.

Advantages of using EntroPay

1. Secure online payment method

EntroPay claims to be a very secure virtual payment method. They fully trust their encryption of which they are proud. This is one of the main reasons that can lead us to encourage us to use EntroPay when depositing at an online casino.

2. You have 7 languages ​​to make transfers

You can use EntroPay in seven different languages ​​to make bank transfers without showing your details to the recipient.

Disadvantages of EntroPay

1. There is no customer service phone.

EntroPa does not have a customer service telephone number, although it does offer emails to contact in case of any type of query, this option can be a bit distant, and especially if we take into account that most of the times we we use these emails will be to talk about any query related to our money.

2. Commission cost for making deposits

EntroPay charges commissions every time you make a deposit from your bank account to the EntroPay account.