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The rules of the lotto game stand out for their simplicity. They are assimilated very quickly by players of different ages. Traditionally, players are given special game cards. On each card there are tables of three lines and nine columns. In the boxes of the cards the numbers from 1 to 90 are randomly indicated.

The figures are distributed in the columns by tens. That is, in the cells of the first column appear the random numbers from 1 to 10. In the second appear the numbers from 11 to 20, in the third from 21 to 30, and so on. The game leader or the players in turn draw a barrel with a number from 1 to 90 from a bag. The number that has come out is marked on the corresponding card.

The victory conditions are defined in advance.Typically, the prize is awarded to the player who has marked all the numbers on his card. In other variants, victory is awarded to the player who first marked a column or a line.

How Lottery games arise

The success of the game does not depend on the skills of its participants or on mathematical calculations. The outcome of the game is determined by the luck of the players. The game became popular and spread very quickly. After a brief period the senate of Venice considered that the lotus belonged to the category of games of chance and prohibited this type of entertainment. However, this fact did not prevent fans from continuing to participate in the games.

In the seventeenth century the lotto game appeared in France. It quickly becomes very popular due to the absence of game restrictions. In the 18th century the game was already known in most European countries. It still sparks a lot of interest, but for the most part it is played only among the upper class of society.

The lotus reached the largest extension in the 20th century. In addition, some countries began to consider the lotus as an educational game that developed memory and attention. In France, to this day there is a tradition of spending the afternoon playing lotus with friends. Gambling is still regarded as fun of chance. However, there are no barriers to playing free lotto online or at home.

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