Koi Keno (R. Franco)

Type Keno
Software R. Franco
Games played 800
Rating 2.75

Koi Keno is a game of Keno with a card of 80 numbers where you must choose between one and 10 numbers in each bet. The numbers of the Keno online appear and are crossed out automatically. The Koi game Keno from Recreativos Franco has a very colorful design with water lilies. Name

How to Play Koi Keno

The rules of the Koi Keno game are very similar to the free and no-download Keno games we offer on CasinoGamingNews.com. The game Koi Keno owes its name to the koi fish, a well-known symbol in oriental culture.

At Koi Keno you can bet on a minimum of 3 numbers and a maximum of 10. The numbers appear automatically. You just have to choose the numbers you want and get it right. The more numbers you select, the greater the reward in case of winning. But at the same time it will be more difficult for this card to be awarded. On the screen you will see the pay table according to the chosen numbers. And as soon as the selected number changes, the information in the pay table will also change.

To start choose the bet. The minimum bet is 0.10 credits and the maximum is 20. Then press Play. The selected numbers will be marked with a lily. As soon as you press Play, 20 numbers will be chosen at random. If you touch one of the numbers you have chosen on it, the open lily will appear, and the failed numbers will be marked as dry leaves. Here you have to bear in mind that the only thing that influences the result is how lucky you are. The essence of the game is to select an appropriate number of numbers. That is, you should not choose few numbers, but it is not recommended to risk betting on all 10 numbers.

Another advantage is that you can play automatically. You only need to select the number of automatic bets you want to place. It can be 10, 25, 50 or 100. In addition, Koi Keno online allows you to choose the numbers at random. That is, you can bet on 10 automatically chosen numbers. And, in any case, you can cancel your bets by pressing the cross on the panel of the game screen. Right there you have all the necessary information, such as the number of credits available, the value of the current bet and the prize. Besides you have the settings section where you can mute the sound effects of the game.

Koi Awards Keno

The return to player percentage (RTP) of the Koi Keno game depends on the number of numbers wagered.

RTP Betting Numbers Correct numbers
    2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
97.12% 3 X5 X20            
94.78% 4 X2 X5 X100          
96.63% 5 X1 X2 X25 X350        
95.77% 6   X2 X10 X50 X2000      
96.35% 7   X1 X5 X30 X200 X5000    
96.74% 8   X3 X10 X125 X1250 X10000    
95.97% 9   X2 X5 X50 X300 X3000 X10000  
95.36% 10   X1 X5 X25 X100 X500 X5000 X25000