Kenotronic (1×2 Gaming)

Type Keno
Software 1×2 Gaming
Games played 439
Rating 3.5

Kenotronic is an online Keno game developed by 1×2 Gaming that you can play for free on The game screen consists of a table of 80 numbers with the option to bet a minimum of one, a maximum of 15. The prizes are obtained by matching the winning numbers regardless of the sequence in which the balls come out with these numbers.

How to play Kenotronic

As in other free Keno games, the demo versions offer an amount of play money to be able to play. At Kenotronic you receive 50,000 demo credits. To activate the extraction of balls you must set the bet. It is assigned in the Stake sector on the left, with the up and down arrows in a range of 0.1 to 20 credits.

Next, 1 to 15 boxes with numbers are chosen on the screen. Selected boxes are highlighted with a mouse click. To cancel the chosen number, click the box again. With the Random button the numbers will be selected at random. To the left of Random there are two arrows with which the number of random figures is chosen.

To start playing Kenotronic click Play. The system will then activate virtual ball extraction and mark twenty boxes with winning ball numbers. If the player’s numbers match the winning numbers, a prize will be awarded in demo credits that will be credited to the balance.

You can speed up the game mode with the turbo option or cancel all the selected figures with the clear option.

In-game payments Kenotronic

On the right side of the screen is the pay table. All awards are shown in credits. To get a prize, the user must try to match the numbers of the balls to be drawn. Next, we detail the prizes for matching 1 to 15 figures. The indicated prize sums correspond to a bet of one credit and with 15 number boxes activated on the screen:

  • One and two figures will contribute 0 credits.
  • Three and four figures give 0.50 credits.
  • Five figures contribute 1.50 credits.
  • Six figures equals 2.
  • Seven figures contribute 4.
  • Eight gives 7.
  • Nine contribute 25.
  • Ten equals 80.
  • Eleven contribute 250.
  • Twelve give 500.
  • Thirteen contribute 1,000.
  • Fourteen gives 2,500.
  • Fifteen provide 10,000 credits.

One or two correct numbers will give a prize only if the player has made a bet for 9 figures. If the bet has been made for 10 or 11 figures, a prize will be won for matching between two numbers.

After each win, an information window appears with the number of correct figures and the amount received. All the numbers that have come out are located on the right side of the screen.

Additional buttons

At the bottom of the screen are the auxiliary buttons with which the additional parameters are adjusted:

  • The question mark opens a page with information about the game.
  • Options, to the left of the “?” Button, is the sound and music volume settings menu. Also here it is possible to choose the level of the graphics, between High and Low.
  • History, in the demo version of the game the history button is not active.
  • The speaker pictogram turns the audio effects on and off.

In addition to the buttons already mentioned, there is also a box here with information about the amount of credits in the account.