Keno Universe (EGT)

Type Keno
Characteristics Minigame, Jackpot
Software EGT
Games played 239
Rating 3.4

The keno Universe game from EGT offers the possibility to choose up to 10 numbers from a card of 80 numbers. Play the demo version of the keno game for free without discarding. During the game 20 numbers will be selected randomly and randomly. Prizes will be paid out according to the pay table depending on the matches between the player’s choice and the numbers drawn. Only the highest prize is paid.

How to play keno Universe

To play the game keno Universe for free you must select the amount of a bet with the Credit button. This value can be changed by clicking on this same button and then selecting any of the four buttons with the different bets.

For a bet to be valid, you must select at least two numbers from the card. The game bet is selected by pressing any of the 5 bet buttons (located in the lower middle of the screen). When the player presses an active bet button for the second time, at the same time we select this bet, the game will start. If the player presses any of the remaining bet buttons, the selection of a bet is made alone. Only after pressing the same button a second time does the game start.

Activation of these buttons is also possible by pressing the C, V, B, N and M keys on the keyboard. Pressing button C we select the smallest bet, pressing button V we place the next bet and so on. When opening the game at the beginning, the lowest bet button is always selected by default.

We can see the available balance to be able to place bets on Balance. Win shows the total amount won in the game. Last Win shows the last amount won in the game. All buttons are at the bottom of the screen. Speaker turns game sound on and off.

The icon of a finger pointing to a circle activates a random selection of numbers on the card. If we had previously won a round, pressing this button would add this amount to the balance. X removes the numbers from the board. If we get any winning rounds, pressing this button will add the amount to the player’s balance automatically.

We can also click this button by pressing X on the keyboard. This button is inactive while the different numbers are randomly coming out and when the game is in Gamble mode. When the button is clicked, there are four different buttons with different values, from which the player can select. Selection of the specific value is also possible by pressing the following buttons C, V, B and N on the keyboard. Pressing button C selects the smallest denomination, pressing button V selects the next one, and so on.

If we have won any prizes in a winning round, the amount won is added to your balance automatically. When you press the Select button, you select a bet. Pressing Start selects 20 numbers at random. The 20 randomly selected numbers will all come out at once and the button will change to Start (if we don’t get a winning combination), and it will change to Collect if we get a winning combination. When you press Collect, the keno game will stop and the Win window will show the amount won. The button will show us the Start or Select option.

Keno automatic function

When the Auto Play button is pressed, the game enters this mode and the button switches to the Stop Auto function. This button will be active only if the numbers are not being randomly chosen on the screen and the Gamble option is not open, we can also activate this function from the keyboard by pressing the “.” Symbol. When we press the Stop Auto button, the Autoplay game mode stops and the button changes its inscription to Autoplay. This button is active only when the game is in AutoPlay mode. Activation of this button is also possible by pressing the “.” Symbol on the keyboard.

Pressing the house icon will quit the game. The button is inactive while choosing numbers and when the game is in Gamble mode. In case of winning a sum, during the activation of the button, the amount won is added to the player’s balance and the game is closed. The player cannot bet this last winning amount.

Game Risk in the game keno

When you press Gamble, the risk game screen opens, as long as you have obtained a winning round. In case of winning, you have the option to access a special round, by pressing the Gamble button which will be activated on the screen. The Gamble function is activated when the Gamble screen is open and the card in the middle of the screen is face down and flashing between red and black. The Gamble Attempts Left label shows the number of attempts you have for this game.

The Gamble Amount label shows the amount the player wishes to double in the Gamble game. The Gamble to Win label shows the amount the player could win by guessing the color of the card. We will have two buttons to select between Red and Black. When selecting any of them, the color of the card will be shown on the screen and it will be saved together with the last five cards of the session in the History section.

If you guess the color of the card, it will appear on a new screen, face down and flashing red and black. This process continues until the player guesses the card. If you want to end the Gamble game, you can press the Collect button, the screen will close and the amount from the Win field will be transferred to the Balance field.

If the player does not guess the color of the card, the game ends automatically and the player loses the amount, the screen would close and the amount in the Win field would be lost and would not be added to “Balance”.

In the event that the game is interrupted by a loss of connection, the next time you enter the game, the game will automatically resume in the state it was in at the moment immediately before the interruption, whereas if the game has been canceled by some action predetermined by the player, the time of cancellation will be considered the end of the game and any accumulated funds will be automatically returned to the player.