Keno (Rival Powered)

Type Keno
Software Rival
Games played 417
Rating 4.67

Learn to play keno with the game keno from the creator rival Gaming. A game of chance where you can preselect the number of games to play. Familiarize yourself with the general aspects of the game keno and the minor differences of this game of Asian origin.

Keno No Download

The games of keno have similar designs and small differences that depend on the creator of the game. provides the keno game online without downloading and without registering on the page. You can play keno from your mobile or computer. It is a demo version of the game available to play for free without making any deposit. If you want to play keno with real money you should visit the online casinos that offer keno games.

How to Play keno

Before starting our game we must choose the amount we want to bet, we can choose between 1, 2, 5, 10 or 25 credits, then we will proceed to choose on the game board from 1 to 15 different numbers, without having to have to choose the 15, we can also select them by clicking the “Quikpick” button so that an automatic selection of the amount of numbers that we want is made.

In case of wanting to make any modification in our choice of numbers, we can unmark the numbers by clicking on them again, or by pressing the “Clear” button, in this option all the numbers on the board will be deleted and we will be able to return to choose them, as a last step we must press the button with the inscription “Play” to start a game round.

Special features

Using the “Quikpick” button, we quickly and randomly select the number of consecutive plays we wish to make. The number of plays to be made can be selected from the window above said button.

Among the special features offered by this game developed by the company rival Gaming, we can also mention the presence of the PLAY 1, PLAY 5 and PLAY 10 buttons, which allow the player to select a predetermined number of games to play, or simply play by pressing the PLAY button. The games will happen automatically until the rounds that we have selected through the button that we have pressed are completed.

We remember that each game usually offers different options in the automatic game configuration section. Some of all the possible options may not be available in the demo game we are playing. Press the “Clear” button to start a new choice of numbers from a game card, press the “Play” button to use the previously marked numbers in a new play.

How to change game options

As a first step we will have to click on the word “Options” located in the lower left part of the game screen, once we have done it we will see how a new window opens with different options for the game such as Speed, Fullscreen (full screen), Sounds and Background Sound Volume, we will select the configuration that interests us the most and once we have made our selection we will confirm it by pressing “OK”.

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