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In you can practice the game of keno for free thanks to the demo versions. Learn how to play keno and know the prizes you can get.

To play keno online you must choose a card of up to 20 numbers out of 80. About 20 balls come out randomly with numbers from 1 to 80. The objective is to correctly guess the numbers that will come out. If the choice was correct, the user receives a prize. Its amount depends on the amount of the chosen numbers that coincide with the numbers of the balls that come out.

When filling in the keno card, you also indicate the size of the bets and the number of numbers chosen. This is done in order to avoid any confusion. In land-based casinos the lottery keno sometimes runs so fast that users don’t have time to dial the numbers. The bet varies depending on the number of rounds. All combinations are random. However, many players use statistics, that is, the information of the balls that usually come out most frequently. Online casinos give these statistics on the page keno. It should be remembered that the result of the round is decided by the random number generator.

Payments at Keno

In Keno there is the concept of matrix. This is the X / Y / Z formula. The first constant is the maximum number of numbers that can be selected in this game. The second is the number of balls that appear. The third is the total number of numbers in the game. The European Keno often has a 19/20/80 or 5/20/80 matrix.

The online Keno interface is very simple, practically all manufacturers tend to be similar. On the screen there is a table with 80 numbers. The player clicks to choose the desired numbers and then clicks Start. The balls fall on the screen and the matches are marked with a color. The prizes or payouts on Keno are calculated from the bet and the correct numbers.

The online Keno differs in that the maximum number of selected numbers is 15. Often in the online game the option of quick selection is available. The random number generator marks the numbers on the game screen by itself. The user only has to press the start button.

How to win at Keno

The Keno is a game of chance and as such the balls come out at random. However, many players choose to bet on the balls that have not fallen because they must sometime fall or bet on the numbers that come out more frequently. Both strategies have not been statistically verified. Also, the Keno operates according to a random number generator.

Keno is one of the games where the casino advantage can be 25% to 29%. The probability of matching 20 numbers is considered practically impossible. However, the rewards for getting it right are very high. Probability is generally calculated based on the number of numbers selected.

Statistically speaking, there is a 6% probability that two of the 20 numbers dialed will come up. The probability decreases with increasing numbers, thus the probability of matching three numbers is 1.4%, that of matching four numbers is 0.3% and that of matching five numbers is 0.1%. The other probabilities are much smaller. However, to obtain a prize it is enough if we match only one number. So there is a chance of winning.

How the game arises Keno

The game of Chinese origin reached the West in the 19th century and two hundred years later it became a casino game. Keno is considered to have been born in China. In the scrolls of 200 BC there is talk about this game. The idea came to the emperor of the Han dynasty. At that time it was called white dove banknotes. This name was derived from the fact that the results of the game were known through the mail of pigeons. With their help, military expenses were paid. It is assumed that the Great Wall of China was created thanks to the income obtained through the game keno.

The table contained 120 different hieroglyphs. The players marked the symbols with a brush. Ink was used to make it impossible to change the bet. Since then, the bet on keno was called Spot.

There is a version that says that twice a day the emperor of china himself took out the tickets with different combinations from a box. If someone’s hieroglyphs matched the ones they drew, the player received a great prize. The keno was very popular in the Chinese population. The name of the game most likely comes from the French Cinco (cinque), in reference to the five winning numbers.

From East to West

In the West, the game became known in the 19th century, when Chinese immigrants arrived in America. So the 120 hieroglyphs were replaced by 80 numbers.

At that time the Americans used 20 cardboard boxes with 80 sheets of paper on which the numbers were written. From each box a sheet with a number was selected. Out of the 20 sheets, the winning combination appeared. Then the boxes were replaced with wooden balls with numbers.

More and more game creators such as Recreativos Franco, Microgaming and playtech are betting on keno games. Therefore, keno ends up being a game offered by the majority of online casinos. If you already know how to play keno and have enjoyed keno games for free, try your luck at real money online casinos.