Juego de las Chapas (R. Franco)

Type Different Games
Software R. Franco
Games played 1,235
Rating 4

Chapas, also called heads or tails, is a game of chance in which you bet on the possibility that when you toss two coins into the air, two heads or two tails will come out. The Recreational games manufacturer Franco has developed the online game of Badges with the possibility of playing from your computer or with your Android or iPhone mobile. If you do not know the game you can play for free with the demo version without downloading.

How to play badge online

On juego de las chapas you must first place a bet and then toss two coins into the air. You win every time the coins land on the side where you made your bet, that is, heads or tails.

To choose your bet you have to click on the circle with the arrows that is in the lower left part of the screen. Here you can select the value of your bet of 0.10, 0.50, 1, 5 or 10 coins on each spin.

The side of the coin is chosen simply by clicking on the coin which changes according to your preference. After doing these operations you can press the Play button represented by an arrow to start the game.

On the side of the game you can change scenery by pressing the button with the image of a tree. You can choose to play in a bar which is the scenario shown when opening the game or to play in a plaza.

With the button represented with a bell you can silence the sound of the coins when you throw them. The key with the musical key silences all sound in the game. The question mark key shows the rules of the game.

You can access the history with the + sign. At the top of the screen you can see your account balance, the chosen bet and the amount of the prize each time you win.

Badge game rules

The rules of the game of Recreational Badges Franco are very simple. You receive 10,000 demo credits to place your bets. Before tossing the coins, you must first select how much you want to bet and choose the side of the coin that in your guess will land two heads or two tails. The minimum bet in this game is 0.10 coins and the maximum is 10 coins.

Once you have selected the bet and chosen the side of the coins, you can toss the coins by clicking on Play. A hand with two coins are flipped vertically and fall within the circle.

If the two coins land on the side you chose heads or tails then you win and the other virtual players lose. If the coins land on different sides, i.e. heads and tails, it is not considered a win or a loss. In such cases the coins are tossed again but free of charge until two equal sides come out.

When you get a victory you hear applause and you receive the bets of the other players. If the result is different from what you bet, you lose and your bet passes to the other players.

The result of each round of the game is shown on the right side. This helps you create a strategy based on past results so that you have a better chance of winning.

The juego de las chapas does not have bonus games or other games to double your prize. This is a simple game inspired by the game of heads or tails well known in Spain where the player makes his bet and the other players bet on a different result than the one selected.

Try juego de las chapas for free and nothing happens if you run out of credits in your account, refresh the page and play for free online again.