Sharp Shooter (1×2 Gaming)

Type Dices
Software 1×2 Gaming
Games played 138
Rating 0

Sharp Shooter is a traditional dice game created by 1×2 Gaming that is played with 3 standard dice against a virtual dealer. You can play for free in the trial version that allows you to roll dice three times in a round to try to beat the dealer by getting the same points. The maximum prize in the game is 1,600 credits for one spin.

How to play dice Sharp Shooter

Sharp Shooter is a virtual version of the casino game that you can play for free with 50,000 demo credits on the balance (Fun). As in other dice games, you simply have to choose a chip and place it on the virtual table. You are offered seven tokens of 0.1, 0.5, 1, 5, 10, 25 and 100 credits. Choose the desired value and bet the chip in the Ante sector.

Bets on the Sharp Shooter craps table have a minimum limit of 0.10 credits and a maximum of 200 credits. With which, you can combine chips of different values ​​until you reach the maximum bet. Once the bet is made, two options are activated on the screen: Roll to roll the dice and Clear Chips to change the bet.

Choosing the Roll option first rolls the dealer’s blue dice. The dealer’s points that his dice facets have are shown in the results area at the top right. Next, three red dice are rolled from the player. The game gives you the advantage of being able to roll the dice up to three times.

How to win at the dice game Sharp Shooter

The object of the Sharp Shooter dice game is to beat the dealer after getting the same number of points. You have three attempts to score points due to your dice being rolled three times. After each roll, the player’s red dice are displayed on the right side of the screen below the dealer’s combination. If there is any match of points, the dealer’s dice turn opaque which means that you have beaten these points. If after three rolls with nine dice you manage to get three same dice that the dealer has, you win the game. Otherwise the dealer wins.

During spins next to the Roll button a countdown timer to five appears. You can click Roll right away to roll the dice without waiting. You can also rely on the automatic spins and enjoy the process of the game. After finishing a game, the game offers you the following options:

  • Rebet to make the same bet in the next game.
  • Rebet x2 to double the bet from the previous round in a new game.
  • New Bet to make another bet.

Game prizes Sharp Shooter

The prizes in the Sharp Shooter dice game depend on the amount of the bet and the number of the spin in which the dealer wins the points.

  • The prize for beating the dealer after the first spin is 8 to 1, meaning you win nine times your bet.
  • If you win after the second spin, you win your 7 to 5 bet.
  • Winning on the third roll is paid 1 to 2.

In the game Sharp Shooter prizes are won very frequently given the high probability of beating the dealer with three attempts.