How to play craps in a casino

Once we have chosen the casino that we like the most, we have to check the offers available at that moment. The welcome bonuses are quite useful to play for much longer and increase the chances of winning. Finally, we created an account at the casino, made our first deposit and began to enjoy playing online Craps for real money.

In recent years, virtual casinos have proliferated on the internet adapting their needs to the demands of the players. Thousands of games of chance of different themes can be played for free with the demo versions or with our real money. The demo versions allow us to practice and understand the games of chance developed by prestigious development companies. It never hurts to practice a little before registering in a casino to try your luck and at you can try all the games you want.

On the other hand, there are many online casinos where we can try our luck, but we always recommend going to the most prestigious and known for safety, responsible gaming and the gaming licenses they have from the different gaming authorities in the world.

Any online casino that presents on its website any of the nationally or internationally recognized gaming licenses, that casino will always be reliable. Also the forms of payment and withdrawals of money is a very valuable criterion for the players, because the more possibilities the casino has to enter and withdraw the money, it means that they are more reliable, comfortable and safe. A casino that only admits income for PayPal is not the same as another that admits PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Bitcoin, etc.

It should also be mentioned that online casinos offer great promotions for new players after creating an account or making their first deposit. The most prestigious online casinos in Spain to try your luck are 888Casino, Betfair Casino, Betsson Casino, Bet Casino, Paf Casino or Wanabet Casino.

Online casinos to play craps for real money

Among the prestigious casino brands to play Craps we can find very good offers in welcome bonuses. These casinos are Betway Casino, which has a bonus of up to € 400 when making the first deposit. Another of the recognized casinos is Botemanía, with a bonus of up to € 200 when making the first deposit.There is also the Casino Barcelona, ​​with a very interesting welcome bonus because they give away up to € 2000 when making the first four deposits.

As you can see, there are numerous casinos that offer large welcome bonuses and numerous casinos that are quite safe and reliable for playing Craps for real money.

Bonuses are products that casinos launch to promote themselves. It is a call to call for players who want to try their luck with gambling to visit their houses without leaving theirs. The most famous bonuses are the so-called welcome bonuses, which consist of giving away a percentage of extra money when the first deposit is made, or when there is a new account registration on your website.

After all, this welcome gift is an extension of time for the use and enjoyment of games of chance. There are also certain rules that vary according to the criteria of each casino, to withdraw the money from the welcome bonus.

Casinos have an App to play craps from your mobile

Thanks to the new web programming languages ​​of today, many casinos have signed up to reform their websites to adapt it to all types of platforms. In most of them, they prefer to have a mobile application for sports betting. However, to play dice, slots, cards or bingos, it is more convenient to enter the web and choose any game of chance without downloading the software. However, the best casinos to play with your mobile or Tablet are casino 777, Wanabet, Unique Casino, Paf, Casino Gran Madrid, Casino Barcelona, ​​etc.

Safety tips to play with your mobile in online casinos

Before we mentioned the licenses issued by the gaming authorities at the national or international level. However, there are external agencies that check the regularity of online casinos. When entering a virtual casino, you can also look for the Ecogra, Play it Safe and the famous Safe Gaming logos of the Directorate General for the Regulation of Gambling in Spain.

Like bank websites or those of public administrations or government agencies or highly reputable private companies, reliable online casinos use the new HTTPS version with Google’s green lock, which adds security to our personal data.

Finally, common sense will tell us which web pages are reliable to leave our data and which are not. Fortunately, 99% of online casinos are totally reliable and it seems unlikely to fall into the 1% of illegal online casinos.