Craps (Playtech)

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Online craps is considered one of the most exciting casino games. offers you the no-download and free version of the game craps from Playtech. As in all casino games, you can win or lose money with craps. So the better you know the rules of the game from craps to Playtech, the more options you will have to be the winner. What we are sure of is that you will get hours of entertainment and fun.

Craps from Playtech in Spanish

Like many other casino games, craps from Playtech is available in English version. If you are not familiar with this game of dice and need to know the rules of the game in Spanish, has translated them for you. We have prepared for you the rules of the game in Spanish so that you feel safe before playing in an online casino.

How to start playing dice

More than 120 types of bets can be made in each hand of craps. The bets that we can make range from € 0.5 to € 100 with various limitations on the different betting options.

To place your first bet you have to click on the chip you want to select. Remember that each chip has a value. Then you must place the chip with a click on any area of ​​the table that you want to bet. Each click on the chosen betting location adds a chip to the bet. You can also select another chip if you want to increase the bet.

Pressing Shift + Click in the bet area removes the chip of the bet made. If you wish to remove all the chips from the table, you can do so by pressing the CLEAR BETS button. You can place multiple tiles in multiple areas at the same time.

To roll the dice, click the ROLL button. The dice will be rolled and you will see the result on the screen. To play again, place your bets again as mentioned above and press ROLL again.

Where to put the bet

Among the bets that we can make in the game of dice we find the bet on the pass line. In this case, the bet is placed in the area with the inscription PASS LINE.

The bet opposite the Pass Line “is called the” Don’t Pass Line “bet. In this case, the chip is placed in the betting area with the inscription” DON’T PASS LINE “. This bet is paid in 1: 1 ratio.

Both bets are placed before the come out roll, that is, before the dice are rolled for the first time in the round. If the sum of the dice rolled is 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, then a “point” is established. But if the result of the dice adds up to 2, 3, 7, 11 or 12, the round is immediately over.

When the point is established, a token with the inscription “ON” is placed on the point. After rolling the point, the dice are rolled continuously until the same point is rolled again or a 7 appears.

In addition to being able to make the two types of bets already mentioned (Pass Line and Don’t Pass Line), you can make other types of bets known as Come, Don’t Come, Odds, Field, Big 6 and Big 8, Buy, Lay , Any 7, Any 11, Any craps, Horn and Hardway. This version of Playtech follows the betting of the rules of craps in general. However, the game has some particular types of bets, such as the bets called “C” and “E”.

Craps Game Specific Bets

The game of Craps not only has all the bets of a dice game, but also includes special bets that make the game of Playtech different:

Betting “Place”

The “Place” bets, both the winners and the losers, follow the conditions of the usual rules of the game but have different pay tables.

Bet Winning Place

The winning Place bets are obtained by adding a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10 to the result of the dice. To place the bet we will have to put the chips at the bottom of the box of one of the numbers that we have mentioned. Place bets can be placed at any time, provided that the winning Place bet is disabled during the come out roll. You win if the shooter gets your number, before a seven. The payouts depend on the number you bet and this is where the difference lies with other versions of Craps. In the case that numbers 6 or 8 come out, the payout will be 7: 6, numbers 5 and 9 offer a payout of 7: 6 , while the numbers 4 and 10 will give us a 9: 5 ratio.

Losing Place Bet

Place Loss bets are like won bets, except that they pay out if the shooter rolls a seven before the number we bet. To make this bet we will have to place our chips on top of the number that we have chosen between 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 or 10. The payouts depend on the number we bet on, in this developer’s version the payout ratio it is different from most games on the market. In case the numbers 6 or 8 come out, a ratio of 4: 5 is paid, if the numbers obtained are 5 or 9 the bet is paid 5: 8, while if the dice come out a 4 or 10 the bet will be paid 5:11.

Bet C

By selecting this type of bet, what we are doing would be the same as placing a bet in the “Any Craps” betting area. In other words, by clicking on the letter C our chips will be placed in the “Any Craps” betting area.

Betting E

This bet is equivalent to making an Any 11 bet. By clicking on the letter E our chips will be placed in the betting area with the image of the dice that add up to 11, that is, in the “Any 11” betting area.

How to win at Playtech dice

The developers of Playtech have not disappointed us with their Craps game. Craps offers a ton of perks to keep you entertained for a long time and a top prize of x31 for 1 double.

To perform a basic strategy and know how to win at the game of dice, you need to know the table of Craps and the bets to be made. Playtech has created an online dice game with an uncomplicated layout and with excitement. We can say that the game itself is very intuitive and simple. Their betting system displays the values ​​of each bet at the bottom of the screen. It is a way to facilitate decision making about betting.

The visibility of payments is somewhat off, but very functional. Overall, the game offers an intuitive and enjoyable experience for both newcomers and experienced players, offering very easy-to-use features. To place bets and win real prizes at craps, visit one of the online casinos.