Mus Online (R. Franco)

Type Cards
Software R. Franco
Games played 9,005
Rating 3.68

You can now play Mus for free without registering at a casino. Recreativos Franco offers us the card game without downloading a software. You can play Mus online from your PC, Android mobile or iPhone. Learn the rules of the game of Mus online, know the differences between its plays Big, Small, Pairs and Game and choose the best combination to win.

How to Play Mus Online

The free Mus online is available in the demo version so you can improve your skills playing against the dealer. It is a very popular card game, especially in student circles in Spain. Each player gets 4 cards from the traditional Spanish deck. In the first round you can choose if you want to discard any of them or settle for the ones you have. Then the plays described later are made and the winner is the one who has managed to obtain better combinations of cards than his opponents.

In the Mus online game you first have to choose the bet per play. The minimum bet per cast is 0.01 euros and the maximum is 5 euros. To select the desired option, click on the icon with coins at the bottom right. Next 4 cards are dealt. In case you want to discard some, you have to press the ones you want to remove and click on “Mus”. The discarded cards are replaced with new ones, so you can change all your four cards in the same game, if you wish. If you are satisfied with your combinations, press the “Play” button, that is, “there is no Mus”.

The Mus has the design similar to a mat with letters. The total number of cards is 40 that participate in four plays called “sets”, which are: Big, Small, Pairs and Game. The objective is to obtain the highest winnings in all the rounds of the same game.

Bets on Mus Online

At the top of the mus game we can see the current balance (Credit), the value of the bet (Bet) and the prize (Win). In addition, of the four types of plays, the Big one, the Girl, the Pairs and the Game. Below each of them we see the playing card symbols and the prize for their combination, depending on the established bet.

Four cards are dealt in the center. Choose the cards by clicking on any of them. On the left side of the mus game is the settings button where we can see the history of plays and the rules of the game of Mus in English. In the same corner is the speaker icon with which we can activate or deactivate the sound.On the right side of the screen we have the betting options ranging from € 0.01, € 0.05, € 0.10, € 0.25 , € 0.50, € 1, € 2 up to € 5 per game.

Combination prizes are calculated based on the established bet. If you want to change some cards, you have to click on the ones you would like to remove from the table and hit “Mus” which appears in the same place as the “Play” button. not only offers you the ability to play Mus online for free without registering, but it also offers you a variety of free card games such as blackjack, poker, Baccarat and video poker. All the casino games we offer are free. This is possible because we offer the demo version from the developers. Therefore, you can play directly without having to download any software and without registering in an online casinos with real money.

Plays at the Mus

After obtaining 4 cards and deciding which ones to keep, the combinations obtained are valued in four stages or rounds:

  • Big is the first round of the game in which the combination with the highest value of the cards wins. They can be four kings, or three kings and a knight or a pawn. The most valuable cards are the kings and the threes that are their equivalents.
  • Girl is the second round where the combination is better paid the lower the value of her cards in ascending order starting with the ace.
  • Pairs is the third round where you pay the most for the combination that has the most equal cards with the highest value. That is, the player has to have pairs of cards. Among them:
    • Duplex (consists of having two pairs or four equal cards)
    • Stockings (have three equal cards)
    • Pair (two equal cards)

The game of mus consists of equaling or exceeding the value 31 by adding all the cards in a hand. The most valuable combination of the mus is within this play and bears the name “La real” or “la 31 real”. It consists of three sevens and a face card and pays 100 times the bet in the R version. Franco. The combination of exactly 31 points is also beneficial. Points from 33 to 37 are the least rewarding. All face cards, including threes, are worth 10. Aces are worth 1 and other cards have value according to the number.