Free Card Games

Rules of Card Games

Each card game has specific rules. Every time you sit down to play cards in an online casino, read the rules of the game before you start. Even if the name of the card game sounds familiar to you, the rules can differ drastically from those with which you are familiar. To avoid misunderstandings, you can consult with the casino staff about the main points of the game. Therefore, it is advisable that you know the rules and strategies of the game before playing in a casino.

How many online card games are there?

Among the card games that we can find on the net, we highlight the card or playing card games that you can find in an online casino. The best known and most popular are:

The blackjack or 21

Blackjack is a card game where you must get enough points to beat the dealer. The maximum combination is 21 points. Whoever gets more than 21 points loses. Therefore, at blackjack, it is important to accumulate good points and try to make the dealer have lower points.

The probability of good cards coming out on blackjack depends on which cards have come out earlier in the game. Unlike roulette where the probability of the number coming up does not depend on the previous one, in blackjack you can use strategies to have a mathematical advantage when playing in the casino.

There are several basic blackjack strategies and different versions of the game, as well as blackjack games with similar rules such as Pontón, Spanish 21 and blackjack Switch. recommends that you learn the basic rules of this card game well in order to play blackjack with real money and get real winnings.

The Baccarat or Punto y Banca

The game of Baccarat or also called Punto Banco is a very popular card game in Asia. The player receives two cards just like the dealer. Depending on the cards obtained, we decide if we take another card. In Baccarat, you must bet on who will win the hand: the casino, the player or there will be a tie. At Baccarat, the winner is the one with the most points (no more than 9). The charm of Baccarat lies in the excitement of the cards received and the bets placed.

Poker in all its varieties

Poker is a casino game with a long history. Before casinos appeared, players were already playing poker. Poker can be played against other players or against the casino. In live online casino games you can find poker games where you can play with other users and against the casino by playing real money poker.

Poker Texas Holdem and Poker Omaha

Poker Texas Holdem and Poker Omaha are versions of poker. Both Texas Holdem Poker and Omaha Poker are played not only in the casino, but also in private clubs. The casino is mainly known for poker tournaments, the most important of which is the World Series of Poker (WSOP) which is held every year in Las Vegas, United States.

Various poker tournaments and championships are held around the world in casinos and on the Internet. In some countries poker tournaments are recognized as a sport. The Casino Texas Holdem poker game is played against the casino. The dealer acts according to a preset scheme and it does not matter what bets the player makes. In many gambling establishments, they already own the Texas Holdem Poker casino game.

Russian Poker and Chinese Poker

There are other varieties of poker such as Russian Poker (Russian Poker), well known in Russia or Chinese Poker (Chinese Poker) characteristic in China and eastern countries. These varieties can be played in some online casinos. Due to the specific characteristics of each particular poker game, it is advisable that you read the rules and strategies of the poker game you are going to play. Since each poker game may have different rules.

The Mus

Mus is a card game that is played with a Spanish deck and is very traditional in Spain. 4 cards are dealt and 4 plays are made: the Big one, the Girl, the Pairs and the Game. The objective of the game is to gain the maximum score in each of the plays by equaling or exceeding 31 points from all the cards. Therefore, the most profitable combination of the mus is “the real” or “the real 31”. The Recreational games developer Franco has created the online game so that you can play as if you were with your friends.

Video Poker

Video poker is a card game created as a result of mixing the characteristics of a slot game with the characteristics of a card game such as poker. On the game screen you have 5 cards, you can hold or trade up to 4 in each round. The card combinations are discussed below with the goal of creating traditional poker hands. In different versions of video poker there can be 9, 11 or 13 winning combinations, the objective is to analyze the initial cards of the hand, change them or hold them to obtain the maximum profits. Video poker games are based on the random number generator, with a little luck and with knowledge of the poker rules you can win good money if you play video poker for real money. If you prefer to train with the free demo versions first, offers you a large collection of free video poker games.