Draw Hi Lo (Betsoft)

Type Cards
Software Betsoft
Games played 10
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Draw Hi Lo is a casino game created by Betsoft according to the rules of the higher or lower card game. You have to guess if your card is higher or lower in value than a virtual dealer’s by betting on High, Low or Tie. The prizes depend on the bet and your cards in hand. You can get to know this card game for free in the trial mode.

How to play Draw Hi Lo

The online card game Draw Hi Lo is available in the demo version to play for free with 1,000 virtual coins (Bal). The game is played with a deck of 52 cards. The bet is made by choosing the chips of 1, 5, 25, 100 or 500 coins. In the demo game the 500 virtual coin chip is not active, therefore the maximum bet can be 100 coins.

After placing the chips on the virtual table of the casino game you can proceed with the dealing of cards (Deal). At first, a card is dealt. After analyzing it, you have to decide if the next card will be of higher or lower value by choosing Higher or Lower on the control panel. If you think that the next card could have an equal value, you can bet on the tie (Tie Bet).

At the end of the game successfully you can collect the prize (Cashout) or continue betting higher or lower. You can cancel the bets of the previous game (Clear) to make new ones and also repeat them (Repeat). The dealing of the cards continues until you lose or collect the winnings. During the game in the Low Pays and High Pays sectors you can see your possible prizes, if you get the result right.

Game prizes Draw Hi Lo

To receive a prize in the game Draw Hi Lo you must guess whether the next card in the deck is going to be of higher or lower value. If you are correct, your bet is multiplied by a multiplier depending on the winning card. If the Lower bet wins:

  • The 2 – x12.
  • The 3 – x5.
  • The 4 – x3.
  • The 5 – x3.
  • The 6 – x2.
  • The 7 – x1.8.
  • The 8 – x1,5.
  • The 9 – x1,4.
  • The 10 – x1,3.
  • The J – x1,2.
  • The Q – x1,1.
  • The K – x1.
  • The A has no multiplier.

In case of hitting the Higher bet, the cards reward you with the following multipliers:

  • The A – x1.
  • The 2 – x1,1.
  • The 3 – x1,2.
  • The 4 – x1,3.
  • The 5 – x1,4.
  • The 6 – x1,5.
  • The 7 – x1.8.
  • The 8 – x2.
  • The 9 – x3.
  • The 10 – x4.
  • The J – x5.
  • The Q – x12.
  • The K has no multipliers.

The prize is calculated by multiplying the bet by the corresponding coefficient.

The tie bet

Each time by guessing the value of the next card, you can place a bet on the Tie Bet. This type of bet has a maximum of 20 coins. If the value of the next card is the same as the previous one, the sum bet on the tie is multiplied by 10.

Draw Hi Lo is a very simple card game that depends solely on your intuition and chance.