Online casinos with no deposit bonuses

How online casinos with no deposit bonuses work

As with all the different casino bonuses there are always some details that we must keep in mind before accepting them since a no deposit bonus is an amount of money that the casino offers you for free just for registering, that is, for the fact of completing the registration process for new players. Some casinos and bookmakers refer to these types of incentives as sign-up bonuses.

The first thing to know about these types of bonuses is that they are usually quite small compared to the rest of the available bonuses. Although, what they offer us is free money to play without paying bets and try some casino games. Usually we have to bet this amount several times before we can withdraw it.

Conditions of a no deposit bonus

In order to convert the bonus money into real money, we have to comply with what are called the bonus terms and conditions that are posted on the casino website and sometimes sent by email. These conditions are also known as wagering or playing requirements. Making a minimum number of plays is one of the main conditions that casinos usually put in order to be able to cash in our account the money won with the no deposit bonuses.

Other times, if the money obtained for free turns out to be a large amount, the casino requires a subsequent deposit in order to clear the bonus. One of the requirements most used by online casinos is to put a time restriction. Sometimes they are large bonuses, such as € 1,000, that we can use at will within a period of two hours. So if the bonus conditions are not met before that time, the money disappears from the account.

Specific games

Within the special conditions of the no deposit bonuses we can find that there are bonuses to be only used in specific games, such as slots, although there are also others that can be used to play slots, poker and the rest of casino games .

Time limitation

Other characteristics that no deposit bonuses have is that they are valid for specific periods of time, that is, we have to use them in three days or three hours.

Extraction limit

In most cases, it is also common that there is a withdrawal limit on the profits obtained with the bonuses without depositing, all these measures generated with the aim of protecting the casinos from possible abuses with those bonuses.

As we can see, these bonuses without deposit tend to be very variable in terms of their conditions. For these reasons we must make sure which is the one that best suits our needs before starting to play.

Within the wagering or gaming requirements, reference is made to the minimum amount that we must bet in order to withdraw our funds. For example, a 10x wagering requirement on a € 100 bonus implies that we have to bet € 1000. Sometimes the mandatory bet reaches up to 100% of the bonus, so you should pay attention to this requirement. The wagering requirements are generally not applied in the same way in all games. So it’s important that we make sure to check how they work for the games we are interested in.

How no deposit bonuses are collected

When we decide to choose a no deposit bonus, it is best to see it as extra income instead of seeing it as free money. We must not forget that this money is part of a bonus and as such has certain wagering requirements associated with it, without forgetting that the player is also asked to make a minimum first deposit in order to withdraw the maximum winnings obtained through of the bond.

Within these types of no deposit bonuses for online casino customers we find two different types of them.

  • Fixed bonuses are called this way since they always remain fixed in our gaming account until it is closed or expires, this means that we cannot withdraw them from the account.
  • Non-fixed bonuses are those of which we can enjoy the benefits that they offer us, as long as we comply with the wagering requirements that are requested. This implies that we have to bet our money obtained with the bonus a certain number of times before we can withdraw this money.

The most advisable thing is to always be very clear about the terms and conditions of each bond that we decide to accept, in this way we can know well the steps to take to obtain its benefits.

Advantages of using online casino no deposit bonuses

Despite the different conditions of the casinos to be able to withdraw a no deposit bonus, it can be said that it is a good way to benefit by getting a bonus without having to make an initial deposit. So if you use the bonuses wisely, you can place bets and win money without depositing. As we can see, this type of bonus can vary a lot from one website to another, and for this reason we must make sure which one is the best suited to us before starting to play.

If your purpose is to play frequently, no deposit bonuses will help you experiment between the different types of free casino games and deposit casino games. In general, we can keep the winnings obtained with the bonuses that do not require a deposit, although these are surely subject to the terms and conditions.

Once we have found the casino with the no deposit bonus that we like the most, we can also enjoy other bonuses offered by the casinos and thus get more bonuses to increase our money.