Blackjack with Real Money

How to choose the best casino to play blackjack with real money

Sometimes, especially if we are newbies, we may have doubts about whether one casino or another is safe, reliable and does not represent any threat such as scams or irregularities. This uncertainty can be resolved immediately when you know that there are government agencies that endorse and protect the player from illegal and fraudulent casinos. In addition, they also protect the player from irregularities and encourage responsible gambling to avoid disappointment with our money.

We are talking about gambling licenses granted by international or national authorities such as in Spain, in this case, by the General Directorate for the Regulation of Gambling. Knowing this, one looks for a recognized casino in their country or world class. On the contrary, sometimes when they are not known because the publicity does not reach us, you just have to look on the casino website for the logo of the gaming licenses you have.

On the other hand, to know how to choose the best online casino, we must take into account something else: the method of payment and withdrawal of our money. The more options, the better. A casino that offers operations by Paypal, bank transfers or payments by debit / credit card, is a safe and reliable casino.

Finally, to choose the best casino to play at blackjack we must know which of them have the best blackjack games and the best developers that we will see below.

Who are the most recognized blackjack developers

Software providers dedicate all their time to gambling with maximum performance and minimizing problems due to the simple care and image of large casinos. That is why one of the basic recommendations when choosing to play blackjack from one developer or another, is to know which of the two has greater prestige.

Obviously, the largest casinos in the world have the licenses of the best developers in the world and, one thing is clear, no software developer manipulates a game so that the casino wins, since their business depends on the volume of licenses they manage to sell to as many casinos as possible.

Among the best developers to play blackjack we can find prestigious brands such as Playtech, Microgaming, IGT, Betsoft, NetEnt, SG Interactive among others. Thanks to them, connection problems such as lags or disconnections will only depend on the status and quality of our own internet connection or mobile coverage and, of course, on the status of the computer, mobile or tablet.

What are the best games to play blackjack with real money

Leaning a little on the previous section, we can answer that any that has been developed by a world-renowned software provider. It is for this reason that by choosing a reputable casino, you also choose the best games from Blackjack to play for real money.

Another tip we can give is to choose those Blackjacks that are played with one hand and a 52-card deck, because the casino’s profit margin will be lower. However, each casino has different games Blackjack to attract the attention of the player and adapt it to their tastes, without forgetting the multiple variations that exist of the Blackjack such as the European Blackjack, Vegas Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, Blackjack Switch and Pontoon among others.

How to play Blackjack for the first time with real money

Blackjack is a well-known and very popular game in casinos since the advantage of the bank is not too great. In addition, it is easy to practice the game with the most popular strategies through the demo versions that you can find on Once we have practiced our game, put the strategies to the test through bets with virtual or play money, it is time to look for a great casino with prestige and enjoy the best Blackjack developed by the best companies.

When choosing the best casino, we must look at the offers they have and the welcome bonuses they have. When in doubt, on a list with the 5 or 10 best casinos in Spain, it is always advisable to see what offers they have for new players. Welcome bonuses are usually pretty good offers to take advantage of once you’ve created an account with the casino or made a first deposit.

Another thing to keep in mind is to see which casino has an application to play Blackjack from mobile or tablet, since most online casinos are played in desktop mode from our computer. More and more players prefer to play from their own Smartphone to enjoy it anywhere, as long as there is good coverage or a stable and quality Wi-Fi network. Thus, casinos like 777, Wanabet, Unique Casino, Paf, 888, etc., are ideal to play through the Android mobile or IPhone.

Differences between Blackjack virtual and Blackjack live

When talking about Blackjack online, we completely omit what type of Blackjack we are referring to. One thing is to play Blackjack online virtually, where the croupier is the game machine itself, that is, an algorithm that deals the cards, and another thing is to play Blackjack live. The latter has the advantage of playing with live video broadcasts, where a dealer is a real person who works in a casino in Spain or outside of it.

This option allows you to interact with the croupier through a chat where doubts are resolved instantly and the advantage it has because the betting limits are higher than in the virtual Blackjacks.