Blackjack Lucky Ladies (Felt Gaming)

Type Blackjack
Software Felt Gaming
Games played 298
Rating 5

Blackjack Lucky Ladies developed by the company Felt Gaming is considered one of the most played card games in North America. The online game consists of a standard hand of blackjack against the dealer and an optional side bet called Lucky Ladies. Enjoy the game blackjack for free and online. This game is played with six decks of 52 cards and up to three hands can be played at the same time against the dealer.

Play blackjack Lucky Ladies

The game of blackjack online Lucky Ladies follows the traditional blackjack rules. A feature of the blackjack Lucky Ladies game is that you can play up to three hands at the same time.

The main objective in blackjack Lucky Ladies is to get a 21 point card combination or get as close as possible. The best winning combination is blackjack, since blackjack is paid 1: 1, that is, if you have bet 1 credit you win 2 credits. The gain is 1.5. You can also win with less points if the value of your cards is higher than that of the dealer.

At the end of the game, the cards are shown and the one with the closest score to 21 wins. The player who goes over 21 points loses. The value of the two cards dealt is displayed on a black speech bubble at the top left of the cards. Note that when you have an Ace, two quantities are shown illustrating that the ace can be either 11 or 1.

The Lucky Ladies side bet is the winner if the first two cards dealt in our hand add up to a combined total of 20 or feature a Queen. The highest prize within this bet is awarded to a pair of queens of hearts (the Ladies of Luck).

After placing bets, you are dealt two cards just like the dealer. One of the dealer’s cards is face up. Rate your combination to see if the number of points is enough or you need more.

If you think you have an acceptable combination, you move on to the dealer or your next hand. Since you can play up to 3 different hands.

The dealer is obliged to draw an additional card if his combination is 16 points. If your combination has a value of 17 or more points, you cannot ask for a card.

If you score the same number of points as the dealer, you tie and your bet is returned.

At you can enjoy the blackjack Lucky Ladies game in free demo version and other Felt Gaming games. Learn about the rules and types of blackjack and try different strategies in free card games without having to deposit and without downloading the game. And if you want to play for real money at blackjack, visit one of the online casinos.