Blackjack 21 + 3 (Felt Gaming)

Type Blackjack
Software Felt Gaming
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Blackjack 21 + 3 is a card game developed and designed by Felt Gaming. You can play for free thanks to this demo version. The game consists of getting a combination of cards whose numerical value is higher than that of the dealer, but never higher than 21. The characteristic of Blackjack 21 + 3 is that you can make up to 3 bets at the same time on the same hand.

Play Blackjack 21 + 3 Free offers you the free or demo version of the game Blackjack 21 + 3 developed by Felt Gaming. Learn the different rules of this card game and play for fun and without betting.

Every game on Blackjack starts with betting. In Blackjack 21 + 3 you must make bets through 9 chips of different colors and assigned values ​​from 0.10 to 1000. To make a bet, choose the chip and press one of the 3 circles located on the game table. The more clicks you make, the more chips of the selected value will be added to the total bet.

You can see the balance or free balance of the game account at the top of the screen. When the bet is made, press the Deal button. You receive 2 cards in each of the active hands. The dealer also receives two cards, one of which is hidden and the other is visible.

The dealer must continue to take a card until reaching 16 points and can stand from 17 points or more. In the game Blackjack 21 + 3 free you can double the bet (Double) when you receive the initial cards. The player receives only one card, being the combination obtained with which he will participate against the dealer, as long as this combination has not exceeded 21 points.

According to the rules of the game, the player must try to get the most points with his combination, but without exceeding 21 points. If you manage to get cards with 21 points in total, you can win a prize 1.5 times higher than the bet made, this combination is known as “Blackjack”.

If the player has less than 21 points, he will be offered to take another card (“Hit”) or play with the combination obtained (“Stand”). You can take an indeterminate number of cards, as long as their sum does not exceed 21 points in total, otherwise you will lose. If the player has less than 21 points, but his total score is higher than the dealer’s, he has won the hand.

Value of the cards in Blackjack 21 + 3

Next to each combination of cards we can see the sum of points obtained. Something very practical if you still do not know the value of the cards in Blackjack:

  • Cards from number 2 to number 10 retain their same value
  • The AS has two values: 1 or 11. If the total of the cards with the AS is less than or equal to 21, its value will be 11 points. But, if the total of the points with the Ace exceeds 21, its value will be 1 point
  • The Q, K and J are worth 10 points

Rules of the game Blackjack 21 + 3

Each user has chips in a virtual game account that can be used for bets. You can see your account balance in the top left of the screen, next to the word BALANCE.

  • Deal after placing our bet begins the distribution of the cards.
  • Clear removes all the bets that we have made in the game panel and we can start betting again.
  • Undo removes the last bet made. It can be pressed several times to remove all our bets if we wish. However, once we have pressed the “DEAL” button to confirm our bet, this cannot be undone.
  • Hit allows you to get one more card.
  • Stand ends our play and passes the turn to the dealer.
  • Double allows to double the bet after the first deal of cards if its value adds up to 9, 10 or 11 and we can take a card. Whatever the sum of points, you can no longer increase them after pressing this button.
  • If the first two cards are of the same rank, you can choose to split them. We can continue to play as two different hands. In this case it is convenient to double the initial bet.
  • New Game leaves the fields free of bets and cards to start a new game.
  • Rebet allows you to make the same bet as in the previous round.

Insurance or Insurance at Blackjack 21 + 3

Another special feature of the Blackjack is the insurance option. If the dealer’s first card is an Ace, you can buy insurance and insure yourself against the dealer’s Blackjack. If you agree, you put half your bet on the table.

This additional insurance has the value of half of the previous bet and gives a payout of 2 to 1 in the event that the dealer obtains a Blackjack. In all other cases, you lose what you paid for the insurance, but you still have the opportunity to win. the dealer’s hand with a basic bet. If the dealer reaches 21 points at the end, you lose the bet, but the insurance sum is doubled. If there is no Blackjack, the player will lose the insurance, but will still have the possibility of beating the dealer with the hand in play.

When the option to opt for Insurance or INSURANCE appears, you can choose between:

  • Accept insurance individually for each bet. (And it is)
  • Accept insurance for all bets placed. (Yes to all)
  • Refuse insurance for all bets placed. (Not all)
  • Decline insurance individually for each bet. (No)

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