Wizard bingo (Novomatic)

Type Bingo 90 balls
Characteristics Bonus round, Jackpot
Software Greentube
Games played 292
Rating 5

Wizard bingo online is a video game bingo developed by greentube that you can play for free on CasinoGamingNews.com. The prizes will be multiplied as if by magic, this is not surprising, because with the help of the magic crystal ball, the correct numbers to obtain a winning combination will be guaranteed. By obtaining a winning combination for a bonus or for a bingo we can enjoy valuable magic potions that will bring us magical amounts of prizes.

How to play Wizard bingo for free

To start playing the games of bingo online, as a first step, we must choose the number of cards with which we want to play. We can activate the bingo cards with the on and off button located in the upper right corners of each card.

We can play up to 4 game cards simultaneously, as well as we can change the pre-selected numbers of the cards by just clicking on them, we can also change the value of the bet by pressing the + or – buttons. To play in automatic mode we simply have to press the Autoplay button.

With the «Latin bingo» mode we will get to know a variant of this classic and entertaining numbers game on a gaming machine such as slot machines. In the first place, with our bet we will obtain 30 balls, if the numbers of the balls form one or more winning combinations on the cards we will win and as if this were not enough, we can also choose to buy up to 10 extra balls to get even better prizes.

If in any card we manage to obtain all the numbers that are in it («bingo») or we have obtained a «Bonus» combination, the extra game Wizard bingo will start with more magical chances of winning, you can drink magic potions until, instead for an immediate win for your game account, the word “End” appears.

Bonus and Jackpot

The bonus round begins when we manage to obtain all the peripheral numbers of the same card, that is, by completing the upper and lower line of the card together with the first column from the left and the first column starting from the right, this would be the pattern for activate the bonus round, once activated it will lead us to a shelf with different containers with magic potions, where we must select the magic potions one by one to discover which prize it hides, the bonus round ends when we choose the potion that shows us the word “Exit”.

We will win the Jackpot jackpot indicated above the game screen if we can complete all the numbers on a game card, that is a bingo, with a maximum of 30 balls. In the event of having won this progressive jackpot prize, the game will end.

Extra Balls

The bingo game randomly selects 30 balls per round. After all 30 normal game balls have been rolled, if a game card was missing a number to compete for any available prize, the player has the option of the extra ball.

The amount to buy an extra ball is indicated in the window located in the lower central part of the game screen. We can buy additional balls until we get the highest possible prize or until 10 additional balls are acquired, whichever comes first.