The Gold of Poseidon (Red Rake gaming)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Software Red Rake Gaming
Games played 1,325
Rating 4.56

The Gold Of Poseidon is a bingo game created by the game manufacturer Red Rake gaming. This free bingo game gives you the possibility to play with your mobile in the demo version. The game has up to four cards with three rows and five columns of numbers. You can play bingo with four tickets at the same time to get more prizes.

How to Play bingo The Gold Of Poseidon

When you start playing for free at bingo The Gold Of Poseidon from Red Rake gaming you receive 1000 demo credits. Before starting the game select the number of cards of bingo with which you want to play. You can choose from 1 to 4 cartons.

When you start the game, the number of cards you see is predetermined and there are four, but you can choose the number you want to play with as you like. Click on the cross at the top right of each card to deactivate them. To reactivate the bingo card, simply press the On button that appears in the place of each deactivated card.

Bets on the game of bingo Poseidon

You also have the opportunity to change the series of numbers on each card in case you don’t like them. Click directly on the card and adjust the value of your bet. Choose from 0.05 to 15 credits. To lower or raise your bet use the + and – buttons in the Total Bet window at the bottom left of the screen in the control panel.

Keep in mind that your bet is multiplied by the number of cards chosen, so if you determine a bet of 0.05 credits and you play with four cards, your total bet is 0.20 credits. After choosing the bet you can throw the balls by pressing the Play button.

If you wish, you can also play in automatic mode in this bingo online game by pressing the auto button. This button displays a window where you can choose between 5, 10, 20, 50, 75 or 100 spins. You also have the option to choose if you want to buy extra balls automatically.

In the control panel at the bottom of the online bingo machine you can also see the prize you receive for each win, as well as the status of the game account and the total bet value. You can view the game rules by clicking the Info button at the top right of the game screen which opens a window with the desired information.

Bingo The Gold Of Poseidon Awards

The prize combinations in the free bingo video game The Gold Of Poseidon are formed according to the patterns indicated on the upper left side of the game screen. Your task is to get to form one of those patterns after throwing the balls and that their numbers match the numbers on your card or cards.

When you get a possible winning combination you can buy nine extra balls that give you the opportunity to complete the combination. The game also has an extra Wild ball that can substitute the number that suits you so that you can form prize sequences and free balls, which are balls that you receive for free at no cost to get more victories.

The patterns of the winning combinations are four and give the following prizes when you play the minimum total bet of 0.20 credits:

  • If you match the numbers in the four corners of the card, you receive 0.05 coins for each winning card.
  • By completing a horizontal row on the card you receive 0.20 coins for each winning card.
  • For two horizontal rows you get 5 coins for each card.
  • Three complete horizontal rows give a prize of 50 coins.

When you manage to get a winning combination, the pattern corresponding to this combination lights up in red in the upper right. Matching numbers are automatically crossed out on the cardboard with a red cross.

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Bingo Game Extra Balls

When you are about to get a high prize for one or more combinations in the bingo online no deposit game The Gold Of Poseidon the Extra Balls feature is triggered. The missing numbers in the possible prize sequence begin to flash green showing the number and the possible prize to be won if you complete the row. In this function, 9 balls appear in the shape of medusas in the center of the screen.

Every medusa hides a ball and you have to click on them or on the extra button to see the number of the ball. Each of these 9 additional balls has a price that is displayed in the draw window so you can decide if you want to buy it or not.

Among these extra balls there can also be special balls like wilds that can substitute for any number of your choice by clicking directly on the number on the card. There are also free balls that do not cost any additional credit and help you win good prizes.

If you do not want to buy the balls, simply press the End button to exit this function and continue playing. In case you spend all the credits of the gaming account and want to continue playing, refresh the page again and receive another 1000 credits so that you can continue placing your bets online.

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