Tacomania (Zitro)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software Zitro
Games played 3,316
Rating 3.99

Enjoy Mexican food and add good prizes, with the game bingo, Tacomania from the developer Zitro. It is a game of bingo of 60 with 10 extra balls and 2 bonus patterns that allow you to get extra games and add rewards, as well as the option of the Z ball and win the Jackpot. Have fun tasting the flavors of Mexico and play the demo version for free without downloading.

How to play bingo Tacomania

Despite the name related to Mexican culture, more elements are needed in the bingo to associate it. You get a blue background, four orange cards, as well as a series of mosaics on the top and a couple of chili peppers that are found around the bowl, with the balls of different colors.

To start this game of bingo of 60 balls, Tacomania, you have to select the bet, which goes from 4 to 200 with virtual credits, while the value of each credit is from 0.01 to 0.50. You click “play” to draw the 31 balls, but you also have the possibility of clicking “auto”, to start the plays automatically.

In Tacomania you can play in 1,2, 3 or the 4 available cards, something that is defined in the part below. In addition, the numbers can be changed, for that you must click on the card that you want to modify.

Z ball and bonus

There are 13 pay patterns in the bingo game to get rewards. Within the patterns, the bingo appears, in which the jackpot can be obtained. By completing the card you get 1500 more bonus, while by adding only 1 lines, you get 50 coins and for 2, a total of 100.

Likewise, in the case of playing the 4 cards, betting 3 credits on each one, and completing one of the patterns, you can get the accumulated prize or Jackpot, which is available in some games. It is also achieved by singing bingo, with the first 30 balls of the draw.

In Tacomania you have the option of obtaining 10 extra balls, in case you are very close to completing one of the patterns. In the middle of that turn, you have the Z ball, which appears randomly, and allows you to manually select any number. Whereas if no ball is selected, the one that pays the highest price will automatically come out.

Also available in this game of bingo, 2 bonus patterns, with which extra games and many prizes are added. Tacomania, it can be played on any device, although it seems designed more for mobile. Add spice to your luck and get the cardboard filled in this bingo.