Sunken City (MGA)

Type Bingo 30 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Games played 304
Rating 4 is pleased to present Sunken City, the sunken city, through this wonderful new bingo online created by the group MGA. As you know, Atlantis holds many treasures that you have to discover playing right now on without downloading and totally free.

How to Play Sunken City Free and Without Download

Like the traditional bingo that we all know, Sunken City is an online bingo with animation of Atlantis, where a friendly and fun couple of inhabitants will help us win great prizes. At you can play the demo version for free from your Android mobile or iPhone, Tablet or PC.

To begin, you have 15 virtual coins or Tokens in your balance, press the Play button and you will see up to 30 different balls come out of the reel to get special figures or sing bingo. The initial credits change in value depending on the type of Token you choose. You have to choose between the 0.01, 0.05, 0.1, 0.25, 0.5 (T) that divide their value by the initial value of the credit, adding automatically to your balance. Once you have chosen the type of Token, you can modify the exit speed of the balls, the cards to play, randomly change the numbers and choose how many credits per card you want to play.

Main game

Each card has 3 rows, 5 columns and a total of 15 numbers that are randomly assigned. Once you press the Play button, the balls come out automatically by checking the corresponding boxes so that you don’t have to. In addition, the profit plan is located in the upper bar where you can see the winning figures and the spaces that are missing to obtain them.

Thanks to the colored lines and other indications such as the yellow squares in the upper bar of the screen, we can play the Extra Balls game. These balls appear when we have the possibility of forming a figure T or higher. Look closely because sometimes a joker appears that allows you to mark the missing box to get the ideal figure.

Some of these winning figures hide Bonuses and fantastic Mini Games to increase our profits as long as the game is over.

Bonus bingo Sunken City

The bingo Sunken City game offers you three Bonus mini-games that help you get some extra prizes.

  • Kisses: This fun couple gets emotional and the bride begins to blow kisses at her boyfriend until a seahorse spoils everything. The prizes accumulate and to play this fun Bonus you have to get the ONE_FREE figure or free (central) square.
  • Select prizes: if you obtain a MASK figure, the main game becomes this mini game, in which you must discover objects that hide prizes and accumulate them until they show you the exit.
  • Roulette: you must ally yourself with luck and spin the wheel to get the highest possible prize. If you want to play roulette you must get the SQUARE figure in the main game.

Use the game tools through the access buttons and automate your games by getting fantastic prizes on!