Sets of bingo of 60 Balls

Many developers include the bingo of 60 numbers in their collection, such as MGA with bingo Cocktails, a version inspired by a nice bar of cocktails with up to 13 extra balls and 4 minigames, or Buffalo, a bingo brought from the west also with extra balls and 3 minigames. You have a wide range of themes to choose from between Sweet Home, Last bingo in Paris, Carnaval, The Gold Of Poseidon, Muertitos, Lucky Hero, Classic Cars, Las Vegas, Magic 60 and many more. Each of them will take you to a different place where you can be the first to win all the prizes.

The bingos of 60 balls online are governed by a Random Number Generator or RNG, which takes care of drawing the numbers and guaranteeing chance. The interface is usually very intuitive and has everything you need to play, that is, the cards, the history of winning balls, the bet buttons, the payout coefficients and even the jackpot. In addition, videobingos usually have an automatic game mode and have bonus minigames that make the game more dynamic.

How to Play Free at bingo of 60 Balls

The playing process on the 60-ball bingo is very simple. There is a single series of 4 cards with 15 numbers each in 5×3 boxes, all of them are on the main screen with an ON / OFF button. To start playing you just have to choose your bet by turning on or off the cards that you want. Next, the drawn balls will start to come out one by one in a bar and the corresponding numbered boxes will be crossed out. You only have to observe how the winning combinations are drawn and new credits accumulate in your balance.

The main novelty that this type of bingo brings you are the extra balls. As soon as all the numbers have been drawn, you have the option of buying one or more complementary balls, thus increasing your chances of filling in the cards. Depending on the casino, 3 to 15 extra balls are usually offered.

How to Win at bingo with 60 Balls

If you are a lover of bingo, you already know the main winning sequences, those that make you sing line! or bingo! Here you will also win prizes for filling in one, two or all three lines of each ticket, but the 60-ball bingo offers many more ways to win.

Additionally, you can receive payments for completing the four songs, all the non-adjacent squares, the side columns, etc. It all depends on the imagination of the developer and his generosity. In any case, these are cumulative prizes and you can always check the combinations and their payout coefficients on the game screen. Finally, at any time during the game and in an absolutely random way, you can win the progressive jackpot, which grows with the bets of the other players.