Secret bingo (Zitro)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Software Zitro
Games played 1,021
Rating 4.62

The game Secret bingo from Zitro takes us to a railway tunnel under a mountain with four cards of 15 numbers in each one. You can play totally free without downloading the game. The bingo set allows you to manually select the number of active cards. You can receive extra balls with the Extraball mode and the Z Ball feature. Secret bingo gives access to a bonus round if you get a certain combination.

How to play Secret bingo

Like all bingo video games from Zitro, Secret bingo is played by traditional bingo rules with an innovative twist. Before you start playing bingo online you must select the number of cards that are going to participate in the game and determine the bet. The player can choose from 1 to 4 cards from the main drop-down menu on the left, by pressing the button in the form of a gear and with the key in the form of two crossed arrows he can change the combination of numbers on them to his liking.

The bingo cards have 15 numbers arranged in 3 lines with 5 numbers in each one. You must complete each of the lines to complete the entire card. By pressing the button with the arrow on the right side of the screen, the balls with the numbers appear and the matching figures are automatically marked.

The bet is established with the + and – buttons in this same menu and varies from 4 to 80 credits. The value of the bet determines the amount of the prize, after the balls fall on the cards, the missing number will be highlighted to close a line, by crossing out all the numbers on a card the player will obtain a bingo and will win the maximum prize.

Winning patterns are displayed at the top of the screen, the lowest prize will be paid out only if it is not part in its entirety of another larger prize that the player has already won.

At the bottom left of the game bingo Secret bingo there is an arrow that opens a drop-down menu where you can configure the game parameters. You can change the cards by clicking on the crossed arrows and view the history of the game by pressing the Info button.

The gear-shaped button opens a window that allows you to set the bet amount from 4 to 80 credits, the bet value, the number of tickets from 1 to 4, the volume, the ball extraction speed (Fast, turbo or normal). The game is only available in English.

The right side Play button allows you to throw the balls manually. Automatic spins mode is also available by pressing the circular arrows on the right side of the screen.

How to get an extra ball

In certain situations the player can enter the Extraball game to get some extra balls, during this round the Z ball function may appear randomly, allowing you to manually select a number on the card to close a line and get a prize.

Bingo game bonuses

To win the Jackpot in the electronic game bingo Secret bingo the player must be able to cross out all the boxes of a card with the first 30 balls that fell. The amount of the jackpot is proportional to the sum of the chosen bet and is exclusively available in real money play. You can win the Jackpot of Secret bingo if you play at an online casino that offers the game of bingo and fill out the card.

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