Sea bingo (MGA)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software MGA
Games played 445
Rating 0

In the depths of the sea bingo is played. MGA has rescued a sunken treasure and is drawing them through the video bingo Sea. A game of bingo of 60 balls with extra balls, joker and 3 big bonuses. Try bingo game for free without downloading and play online from anywhere in the world including under the sea.

How to Play bingo Be Free

When you start playing the game of bingo Sea, 60 balls spin inside the reel. You start with 15 Balance Tokens, which must give a value between 0.01T to 0.5T. By choosing any of the available values, the 15 Tokens are divided by the value you have chosen to become credits. The Tokens are nothing but the relationship between the credits and the possible value that you give them to determine the amount of prizes you get when you manage to combine winning figures, sing bingo or play any Bonus available in Sea.

Later, we must choose how many cards we want to play and also the amount of credits bet per card. Playing with 4 cards at the same time is possible although the credits per play multiply as well as the chances of winning. You can change the numbers of the cards as many times as you want by clicking on them. You can consult the rules of the game, check the pay table and automate both your games and acquire extra balls.

While the balls are coming out, they will cross out the numbers that match on your cards. You must look at the prize table at the top of the screen to see at all times the possibility of forming figures through the boxes that remain to be crossed out.

The extra balls arise when you have the possibility of obtaining a figure in the shape of the equal sign (=) or higher figures. A maximum of 14 balls with the possibility that one of them is the Joker or wild so you can choose the number you need the most. All bonus balls cost additional credits and are not required to be played.

Bingo Sea minigames

The bingo is the award for excellence and singing it is the greatest pleasure and excitement of playing this game. However, we know that it is not so easy to sing it but not impossible; So that we can win and increase our prizes, we have up to 3 great Bonuses in the form of mini games to enjoy:

  • Bonus 1: accessed by winning the Anvil-shaped figure. A fish is chosen from those shown in the scene and it then begins to look for food where the prizes are kept.
  • Bonus 2: obtain a Cuadra figure we can access the classic Bonus to discover prizes. A friendly octopus treasures 6 chests with hidden prizes that you must reveal until the Bonus ends.
  • Bonus 3: a roulette wheel and seahorses on the run. You must spin the wheel to see which horse advances and how many squares it travels. It is accessed with the Win figure.

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