RockLive (MGA)

Type Bingo 30 balls
Characteristics Bonus round, Jackpot
Software MGA
Games played 911
Rating 2.5

Can you imagine singing bingo in the style of Freddie Mercury or winning a bonus to Lars Ulrich’s roll? Do it while enjoying the bingo Rock Live game created by MGA. Do not miss the opportunity to play the videobingo online for free. A 30 ball bingo game with jackpot and minigames.

How to Play Rock Live Free and No Download

The demo version of the bingo Rock Live game offers you 250 tokens to play for free and learn about the game. You can play bingo online with your Android mobile or iPhone, tablet and PC without downloading.

Rock Live is a 30 ball bingo game where bets are made with credits and whose values ​​range between 500 and 25000 credits. The credits in RockLive have a modifiable value that depends on the type of Token you want to choose between the options: 0.01T, 0.05T, 0.1T, 0.25T and 0.5T. The gains are higher or lower depending on the risk you want to take.

The next step is to define the type of bet to be made for each card you want to play. You can play up to a maximum of 4 cards or a minimum of 1 and place bets for each configurable card from the control panel. Once decided, start playing Sweet Child o ‘mine by pressing the Play button.

Game bingo in Spanish

You can configure the language of the game and play in Spanish from the horizontal bars on the left and selecting the world ball where up to five languages ​​appear. You can also play your games automatically and change the volume of the game. With the help button you can consult the rules of the game and its bonuses.

Imagine that the balls of bingo are musical notes and the cards of bingo are sheet music. As the concert progresses and the balls are coming out, the numbers on the cards that coincide with the number of the balls are crossed out. A simple way so you don’t have to do it yourself.

In the top bar of the screen you can see the prizes that are obtained if you get these figures in your cards. In addition, the yellow color represents in the boxes the number that is missing to make a winning figure. From time to time, Extra Balls often appear to purchase for an additional price when there is a chance to win a DOUBLE ONE CENTER figure or higher. Also, you can take advantage of the wilds to strategically choose the winning numbers.

Rock Live Bonus or Mini Games

The bingo game Rock Live offers you the chance to win three mini-games with Bonus, as well as the progressive jackpot.

  • Minigame with disco vinyl. Enjoy spinning the disco vinyl next to the reel kit when you get the award-winning figure.
  • Musical notes minigame. Find great prizes among the musical notes of the guitar. Select them and accumulate the hidden prizes until the concert is over.
  • Guitar minigame. Choose as many as you can and accumulate the prizes until the mini game is over.
  • Jackpot is the highest prize awarded for completing a card in the first 30 balls.

Remember that there are special figures that give access to great bonuses and help to increase and accumulate benefits.