Rabbit Mania (Zitro)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software Zitro
Games played 1,064
Rating 4.3

A walk through nature to win great prizes, with the virtual bingo game, Rabbit Manía, from the developer Zitro. 30 balls are raffled out of a total of 60, in addition there is the option of 10 extra balls. The 12 prize patterns, the bonus, the Z ball, the jackpot and the possibility of adjusting the ball speed stand out. Join this adventure with the rabbit, and play the demo version for free without downloading.

How to play bingo Rabbit Mania

In the virtual bingo game, there is a green background, which resembles the grass, while the four cards have a blue color and a gray ball appears in the middle, from which all the balls to be drawn come out.

To start this 60-ball game, Rabbit Mania, you have to choose the bet, which goes from 4 to 80 with virtual credits. Likewise, there is the possibility of choosing the size of the coin, which varies between 0.25 and 2.00,

One point to highlight is that on this bingo, the speed of the ball can be adjusted. The turbo is configured, which is the fastest, but the other options are fast and normal. In addition, you have the possibility of playing automatically.

There are 4 cards of 15 numbers. In Rabbit Mania, it can be customized to taste, because you can play with the number of cards you want, from 1 to 4, just by selecting a button at the bottom. You can also change the numbers of the cards by clicking on the card.

Extra balls and bonus from bingo

To get rewards you have in bingo, 12 reward patterns. 30,000 coins can be achieved as the top prize, with the largest bet and 15000 with the smallest. You have the bingo, with the complete card, as well as the bonus pattern, which also allows you to get rewards.

In Rabbit Mania like other bingos, the option of extra balls appears. This time there are 10, which will help to complete patterns. In the middle of that turn, the Z ball can also be found randomly, which offers the possibility of manually choosing any number, so a card can easily be completed in case of missing a single ball. If you don’t choose any, the one that pays the highest price will automatically come out.

While the Jackpot of the virtual bingo game, it will appear in some games and can be achieved with the first 30 balls that are drawn. Rabbit Mania is available for any desktop or mobile device, but works best on mobiles. Visit this forest and fill in the bingo card with the rabbit to win great prizes.