Powermania (Zitro)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Characteristics Bonus round
Software Zitro
Games played 16,028
Rating 3.96

Set of bingo Powermania of Zitro with 4 cards and 15 numbers each. It is a bingo game with 60 balls and 10 extras, which increase the chances of winning. There is an additional bonus game and the Z ball, which will come out in the extras, as well as the possibility of winning the jackpot. Join in on the fun and play the demo version for free without downloading.

How to play bingo Powermania

To start this game of bingo of 60 balls, Powermania, you must select the bet on each card. The minimum is 4 credits, while the maximum is 200, and there is also the option to change the value of the credit, from 0.01 to 0.50. There are also automatic games, so that everything is much faster.

It is counted in Powermania, with 4 cards to play simultaneously, but you can play with less, if you click the Off button, of the card you want to deactivate. Likewise, you can change the numbers of the cards, as many times as you want, just by clicking on the numbers.

At the beginning, there is a draw of 30 balls, out of a total of 60, as well as the possibility of obtaining up to 10 extra balls during the game. There are 12 prize patterns in total and if you are close to completing one, you have the option of extra balls.

During the game of bingo Powermania, you can earn at least 3 coins for completing a line and up to 1500 for completing the card.

Rollover Jackpot and Z Ball

In the case of playing the 4 cards at the same time, as well as betting 3 minimum credits on each one and completing the pattern of bingo during the initial draw of the 30 balls, the Jackpot is won.

The bingo game also offers the option of the Z ball, which can appear randomly when the extra balls are being played. This allows you to select any number on the card, so you have a greater possibility of adding any of the rewards. In the case of not selecting any number, the one that automatically grants the most direct prize is chosen.

Bonus bingo Powermania

Within the prize patterns, a bonus is obtained that gives access to the special game. To achieve this, it is necessary to complete the pattern, which activates that game, something that is shown at the top of the table.

In Powermania you can see illuminated the patterns that are missing a ball, as well as the prize that is obtained when completing it, so that the strategy can be planned, in terms of the available balls and the extras.

Powermania is specially designed for mobile devices, but it can also be played on any desktop computer. It has interesting graphics and animations, as well as the probability of reaching good prizes.

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