Pharaoh bingo (MicroGaming)

Type Bingo 60 balls
Software MicroGaming
Games played 305
Rating 4.67

Pharaoh bingo is a bingo game dedicated to the pharaoh Tutankhamun and developed by MicroGaming with 60 balls. You can buy up to 10 extra balls to complete the 4 cards. If you manage to get bingo out of 30 winning numbers on the first draw, you can win the jackpot. Learn to play bingo for free with the demo version of Pharaoh.

How to play Pharaoh bingo?

The cards of the game Pharaoh bingo have fifteen spaces with numbers from 1 to 60 at random. Thirty balls are randomly drawn during each game. Each box containing a number drawn on the cards is marked with an X. Winning combinations are highlighted in red. In case you only need one number to complete a winning combination, it is highlighted in yellow. After the draw is complete, you have the option to buy an extra ball to try to complete any of the available winning combinations, being able to buy up to 10 additional balls. The price of each extra ball depends on the potential prize of the combinations that you can access.The maximum prize offered by this game of bingo is 10,000 times the total bet and you can win this prize by completely matching all the numbers on a card with the first 30 balls.

Bingo Pharaoh’s game is offered in trial mode that you can play for free with 100,000 demo credits. By default all 4 cards are active, you can deactivate them in any game in the Cards menu or directly on the screen. The bet for each active card (Stake) varies from 0.10 to 10 credits, and your total bet (Total Bet) is equal to the bet per card multiplied by the number of active cards. Once the bet adjustments are made, you can start the game (Play). You can also change the cards with the option “Change Cards” until you get the desired numbers. Depending on the numbers drawn, you are offered to buy an extra ball, choose the Yes option if you are willing to pay it to complete the prize pattern or No to start a new round.

Bingo Pharaoh’s Awards

The winnings in the game Pharaoh bingo depend on the winning combination obtained on any of the game cards after all the balls have been drawn. You can get multiple payouts on the same card only if you hit completely new winning combinations. If a winning combination is created from an existing pattern, you only pay for the new winning combination and the most valuable one.

The prizes depend on the established bet and the winning pattern. The 14 patterns are presented at the top of the screen and the prizes range from x3 to x1500 times the bet. If on any game card you managed to mark all the numbers completely after the draw of the 30 balls had been made, you would get a prize of the total amount of the bet x10,000.

Once the draw for the 30 balls has been carried out, a winning combination that you have obtained and the possible combinations that could be formed on each game card are highlighted on the active bingo cards. If you wish, you can buy up to 10 extra balls to increase your chances of winning prizes.